VIDEO. 5 good news for the planet

In Switzerland, puppies saved

In Switzerland, more than 2,500 hatchlings were rescued from agricultural machinery in 2021. Each year, harvesting poses a mortal danger to these young animals, who hide in the fields to escape predators. To prevent them from being killed or injured, this association uses drones equipped with thermal cameras. Once sighted, the puppies can be taken to the shelter by volunteers and then reported to the farmers.

In Venice, cruise ships banned

In Italy, in Venice, large cruise ships are banned. Venice was the third most polluted European city with sulfur oxides from cruise ships, behind Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. These ships are also accused of damaging the seabed and weakening the ecosystem. Since August 1st, boats that exceed a certain size can no longer use the historic center’s canals, nor dock there. They must travel about 10 km to the industrial port of Marghera.

In Malawi, wild African dogs are back

Also known as African wild dogs, these animals are among the most endangered on the continent. They are victims of hunting, road accidents, diseases or even the fragmentation of their living areas. In southern Malawi, there were no longer stable packs. In late July 2021, despite the Covid-19 crisis and political unrest in some countries, 14 wild dogs managed to leave Mozambique and South Africa. They were herded into two protected areas in southern Malawi. The purpose of this transfer: to increase the number of packages and strengthen the genetic diversity of the species.

In the United States, in Alaska, a judge blocks the construction of a gigantic oil exploration

Backed by the Trump and Biden administrations, the Willow Project was supposed to have produced 160,000 barrels of oil a day. Drilling was scheduled to begin in 2027. But in August 2021, Federal Judge Sharon Gleason rejected the project. According to her, the impact study does not sufficiently take into account: the impact on polar bears, greenhouse gas emissions, alternatives to the project. ConocoPhillips announced that it would “review the decision” and “evaluate possible options”.

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In Argentina, intensive salmon farming has been banned in the province of Tierra del Fuego

In 2018, the Argentine government proposed the development of industrial salmon farming in the Beagle Channel, located in the south of the country. Concerned about the potential environmental impacts, Argentine and Chilean activists mobilized for several years against these methods of creation. In early July 2021, the prohibition of this practice was unanimously voted on by the province of Tierra del Fuego and welcomed by the Argentine Ministry of Environment.

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