Victory for Masiá with two last lap passes

Bravo for Jaume Masiá, who won his second victory of the season in Moto3 at the French GP and the third in his World Cup career. He has also done it, as the riders and fans like it best, with a spectacular duel on the last lap in which he had to overtake up to twice to get to the front of the group of five that decided the positions of a podium in the who accompanied him Sasaki and Guevara.

The race was only 14 laps long because before its dispute there was another 22 lap race that was suspended on the second lap due to the appearance of the red flag, as a result of the numerous crashes that occurred before. The rain timidly appeared and turned asphalt into a skating rink at some points. Ricardo Rossi, Toba and Ortolá crashed in the penultimate corner while Guevara, García, Migno and Sasaki crashed in the last one. Holgado also crashed, although last year’s Red Bull Rookies Cup winner was hit at the Bartolini chicane. Unlike the chaos of Portimao in Moto2, here they were all able to take part in the second start, although some arrived just barely on time, like García, to the suffering of an Aspar who is still getting on his nerves despite being hardened in a thousand battles . And it is that the four-time world champion lives it as if he were still on the bike.

In the second start, Moreira again started like a missile and took the lead from the fourth place on the grid. In the first step through the finish line, Guevara, who would later finish third, was only eleventh, so the Spaniard signed a major comeback to reach that tasty third place. He also gained that position on the last lap and at the same point that Masiá got rid of Sasaki to win the race, the penultimate corner, 12 + 1.

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The last lap started with Foggia ahead of Masiá, who got rid of the Italian at turn three, the first variant of the chicane, the left one. Sasaki, who looked very eager, also got rid of Foggia and went for Masiá in the antepenultimate corner, with a beautiful inside left, without expecting the Valencian from Algemesí to return the maneuver immediately with a precise inside left. rights. From there to the finish line, one more turn in which there were no changes and victory, the second of the year for him, which means his fourth consecutive podium and the one that makes him climb to second place overall. García continues to lead, who was cut off from the leading group on the penultimate lap, when he slipped into the chicane. The one from Burriana now leads with a 17-point advantage over Masiá, which is seen with more options for the title than ever, and another 17 over Foggia. Guevara is fourth at 23 points from the head. What a World Cup!

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