Victory as a balm


New commitment in Mendizorroza with the urgency of scoring. Javier Calleja is not in danger but, in case of adding one more defeat, the drums of war would sound again. You can not be with so few points at this point in the movie. The financial situation of the club frees him and the certainty that he is not the main responsible for the situation. The workforce has weakened compared to last year and the managers know that well. In the case of Betis, they are trying to regain feelings after falling at Villarreal, to settle in the upper part of the table (follow the game live on

The Albiazul coach could recover the 4-4-2, with the 4-2-3-1 variant. The Madrilenian bet on a defense of five against Atlético del Cholo Simeone but then had to defend himself tooth and nail for most of the game due to Laguardia’s goal. Things went well for him, but that football philosophy does not like Calleja at all. In addition, in Bilbao against Athletic, they suffered too much during the 90 minutes. With a defense of five, far from being a deep team on the wings, they back down very far and are even too permeable.

Another great news is the reality that the pandemic offers right now. Everyone can go to Mendizorroza although it is neither the best day nor the most appropriate time. The ‘Iraultza 1921’ peña, mainly responsible for the great atmosphere in the stands, has announced that it will return to the field after almost 600 days. Until now they had given their members the freedom to go individually as season ticket holders but, at the group level, this is the first match. And that there are still restrictions due to the epidemic, for example to put paraphernalia of banners, flags or drums in the stadium.

The team from Vitoria closed yesterday its training dynamics that have been seasoned with a friendly in Pamplona (playing 4-4-2), a gym session at Bakh, a mid-night training session at Mendizorroza and many days of work at the José Luis Compañón sports city in Ibaia. Loum has missed many days due to his call-up with Senegal but he has already been with the group since Thursday while Lejeune, Edgar and Pons completed their first training session with the group on Friday as they were coming off injuries. It will be difficult for them to play because they still do not have a competition rhythm but they will be in the call with total security.

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Pellegrini praised a Calleja whom he fondly remembers for the stage in which he had him as a player at Villarreal: “He was a very professional player. As a coach he is showing great ability. “Betis arrives in Vitoria with almost all of their squad available (Victor Ruiz was left out despite being ready). Canales is back, who missed the last two games and their sights will also be sideways on Thursday’s Europa League match against Bayer Leverkusen. Pellegrini will choose an eleven taking into account that circumstance, although it seems possible that Canales enters the beginning and players like Fekir, William Carvalho or Guido are almost untouchable.

There are more doubts above, with Borja Iglesias and Willian José fighting for a place. Whoever plays in Vitoria has many ballots to rest in Europe. That Pellegrini philosophy will not change now. The team signed a good baggage of points after the previous break and the coach does not want to let go of the fight for the European zone. Trust your team’s offensive potential, with the youth squad Rodri going through a great moment, but there is fear for the defensive zone: the reliability is still absent and only a clean sheet was left in ten games.

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