Victoria Amelina, Ukrainian writer, died after Russian bombing; she would be in FIL de Guadalajara

The Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelinawho would appear in November at the Guadalajara FIL 2023, died after being hospitalized for several days by a Russian bombardment in a restaurant in Kramatorsk, where he was with three Colombians: the former peace commissioner Sergio Jaramillo, the novelist Héctor Abad Faciolince and the journalist Catalina Gómez, who had minor injuries.

On June 27, Russian troops launched a missile attack on Ria Lounge restaurantlocated in the center of the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, where there were several civilians, including Amelina, 37, who was seriously injured.

War in Ukraine: Photos of Russian Bombing Victims in Restaurant

At the site of the bombing, flowers, candles and dolls were placed by the victims of the Russian attack on a restaurant. (AFP)

The Ukrainian writer was one of the more than 60 people injured by the bombing and since then he remained in the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro, where on Saturday, July 1, he finally fDied from missile wounds. With his death, the number of people died increases to 13; Among the victims are 14-year-old twins.

“It is with our greatest sorrow that we inform you that the Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina passed away on July 1 at the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro. Her death occurred from injuries incompatible with life, which she suffered during the bombardment with Russian missiles,” she announced Pen Ukraine, a human rights organization and writers’ association, to which she belonged.

In February 2022 Victoria Amelina paused literature to document war crimesa with the invasion of Russia by the human rights organization Truth Hounds, which he joined last year.

He documented war crimes committed by Russian troops in vacated territories in eastern, southern and northern Ukraine, especially in Kapytolivka, near Izium, where located the diary of Volodymir Vakulenko, a Ukrainian writer assassinated by the Russians.

Who was Victoria Amelina, the writer who died in a bombing?

Victoria Amelina was a Ukrainian writer who decided more than a year ago to document war crimes in his country after the invasion of Russia. During this time he began working on his first book based on what is currently happening in that country.

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War and Justice Diary: Watching Women Watching War, which is about to be published, is the last book that Amelina was working on. In it she counts the stories of Ukrainian women and chronicles their lives during the war and war crimes by the Russians.

Victoria Amelina, Ukrainian writer who died in a Russian bombing of a restaurant

With the war in Ukraine, Victoria Amelina put literature on hold and dedicated herself to documenting war crimes. (Special)

In 2014 he published his first novel titled November syndrome or Homo compatiens, listed in the top 10 best prose books, according to LitAktsent, a site about Ukrainian literature. He was also part of the finalists for the Valeriy Shevchuk Prize.

For 2016 published Somebody, or Waterhearthis first children’s book and was followed by his second novel Dom’s Dream Kingdom, which was published in 2017 and was shortlisted for the 2017 LitAktsent Prize, the Unesco City of Literature Prize and the European Union Prize for Literature. This book was recently translated to Spanish.

In 2021 he published Storie-e-en of Eka the Excavatorwhich is so far his last book.

Victoria Amelina, Ukrainian writer who died in a Russian bombing of a restaurant

Victoria Amelina’s books have been translated into various languages, including Spanish. (Pen Ukraine)

Victoria Amelina’s texts have been translated into Polish, Czech, German, Dutch and English and even Spanish.

the ukrainian writer won the Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski Prize for Literature in 2021.

He was born on January 1, 1986 in Lviv, Ukraine, and for a while, while still studying, moved to Canada with his father; however, she decided to return to her home country.

In 2007 he obtained a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Lviv Polytechnic University and from 2005 to 2015 he worked in some international Information Technology companies.

In 2015, she permanently suspended her work in computing and decided to dedicate herself to being a writer.


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