Victor Wembanyama improves in his second NBA tryout

It wasn’t so little before, nor is it much now. The NBA summer league tests are that, nothing more and nothing less than tests. Victor Wembanyama’s first as a player in the big American league did not go as expected: 2/13 in shots, some plays against where the seams were seen and problems to keep up with the pace with which he will have to play from now on. The second, much better. 27 points and 12 rebounds, a double-double in height, with good shooting percentages (9/14). A small change of face for the center from Nanterre.

“It is normal to improve in each game. Two days ago I had my first match here. Today I would have liked to win, I think I could have done something more to make the team achieve it.”said Wemby to the press after this engagement.

The competition had scheduled another explosive date for two of its future players. The Wembanyama Spurs were measured against the Trail Blazers, who chose ‘Scoot’ Henderson as a new figure a few weeks ago. That duel that was set up months ago in Las Vegas, on the same stage, to promote both (one, with the French Metropolitans 92; the other, with Ignite, the experimental G-League team), could not be repeated, since Henderson He was not from the game due to a shoulder problem derived from his debut match in this chain of friendlies in Nevada.

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The Blazers won 85-80 in this game on Sunday. They placidly dominated practically the entire match. They simply found themselves squeezed in a final quarter in which, with Wembanyama pressing hard, Spurs made a big effort to come from behind. The Texans went from -16 to -1 and entered the final two minutes with that slight deficit. They did not know how to finish.

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Wembanyama, up to here?

At the end of this second game, Victor Wembanyama was asked if he will continue to play in the Las Vegas summer league. There are three games left for the Spurs to finish their participation. He invited everyone into a conversation he’s having with coach Gregg Popovich, news after his expensive five-year resignation: “I have to talk with him. I’ll listen to what you have to say.”. And he says more: “I am prepared to make a sacrifice for the team and give my 100%”. So it is understood that the initial plan, which was not made public, was to play a couple of games and go home. “In the last month basketball has not occupied even 50% of my schedule. And I couldn’t take it. I know it’s an important time in my life, but I’m glad it’s over. I want to train and play. Since I’m not going to play in the World Cup, I have two or three months ahead of me that will change my life”he insisted.

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