Víctor Gómez and Pol Lozano seek to copy the ‘Puado formula’

Take a step back to gain momentum. This is the maxim with which Víctor Gómez and Pol Lozano have left Espanyol this summer. The two young players have left on loan to Malaga and Girona, respectively, with the hope of accumulating minutes and thus trying to return next season with more guarantees. to gain a niche in the first team parakeet. Second is a category that cuts and they have the great example of Javi Puado. Two seasons ago he was on loan to Zaragoza and is currently a great asset of the Parakeet club.

Víctor Gómez already knows what it is to get away from Espanyol in a Second Division club because last year he was on loan at Mirandés. He completed a great campaign, in which he played 38 games and signed a goal and four assists. This year he has had to fly out of the blue and white nest again and will complete a course at Malaga. In Second, the defensive aspect is important, but also the offensive and there Víctor Gómez shines. In addition, in the Malaga team he has met again with coach José Alberto López. Both were last year at Mirandés. The coach wants his team to be the protagonist in games and gives great importance to the band appearances of his sides. Víctor Gómez has a journey and one of his great qualities is the high percentage of success in the centers. And in Second, this is rewarded.

As for Pol Lozano, in Girona he has been received with open arms. It was a request from Michel And given that he can act as both ‘6’ and ‘8’ in the trivot that the rojiblanco coach places in the center of the field, Lozano can be important. It will be his first experience in professional football away from Espanyol, but there are ideal conditions for it to explode. And more so considering that Michel is a technician who bets that his midfielders are as brave in recovering the ball as they are brave when it comes to arriving from the second row. Pol Lozano can meet this ‘requirement’ and more in a Second Division in which the handling of the ball is not so important and the punch is.

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