Víctor García Sued a baseball man

Víctor García Sued navigates between his sports functions and politics, characterized by giving himself completely to what he does and for his integrity and values, he is the man who holds the reins of the presidency of Águilas Cibaeñas, its baseball academy and the Vice Ministry of Industry , Trade and MSMEs north region.

Víctor García Sued who, together with the late sports instructor Cornelio Peña, forged great baseball athletes since 1983 when, thanks to his father Leonel García Beltrán, he joined the Águilas Cibaeñas team, and also supported young people in sports through the Cornelio Peña league that years it developed in the barranquita.

It stands out that although many players were not in the Cornelio Peña league, they were promoters of great stars such as Jose Lima who played with Yolo Pérez, from the Los Salados Julián Tavarez league, other players such as Jose Veras, Willy-Mo-Peña , Félix Rodríguez former major league pitcher, Joaquín Benoit, among others such as Mayovanex Fernández who, after signing with the Dodgers, played in the Japanese Major Leagues.

Also added to this list of stars who reached the Major Leagues is the late Oscar Taveras, Juan Carlos Mejía, who was signed and promoted to the big league by Cleveland.

One of the latest prospects to sign from the program led by García Sued is Euri Pérez Polanco, the number one prospect for the Miami Marlins and number ten prospect in the major league minor circuits.

García Sued, when he talks about these young prospects, does so as if they were his children and that is also highlighted in the part of human formation within the baseball program that he directs, which takes place in the play area of ​​the La Otra Banda sector in Santiago, where they have young from the age of nine.

He highlights that there are young people who fly alone with natural talent and extraordinary human conditions, however there are others who must shape it little by little so that they can improve themselves, and he says that it is of great satisfaction.

In addition, García Sued uses his boxes at the Cibao stadium to take young people to enjoy the game and live the experience, as well as to motivate them to reach their highest level.

The president of the Cibaeño team expresses that in his program, everyone is family, although now with his responsibilities within the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Águilas Cibaeñas he is a little more absent.

However, he thanked Minister Víctor – Ito – Bisonó who gave him the space for the presidency of the Eagles as well as the team managers who elected him unanimously, for which he carries a great responsibility in both institutions.

¨Before, about twelve boys reached the big leagues and we did it for free in terms of their training, now we, since 2008, made the decision to make an agreement with the parents to keep the baseball school which Alexander D´Aza manages¨ I express Vitico Sued as they call it.

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He highlights that there are dozens of young people who have not reached the big leagues and become team coaches and others form leagues.


Víctor García Sued thanked his wife María Virginal Jorge because for decades since he dedicated himself to politics he has understood the different roles he has assumed and they have become the great shipowner together with his son Víctor Eduardo of his life project.

¨Minister Ito Bisonó is the one who has given me the opportunity to join the Eagles since the day he offered me the position, he suggested that I take on a role in Santiago, so that I could continue developing the players and not leave the team, and that is why I thank him and Fabio Jorge¨ expressed Víctor García Sued emotionally.


The president of the Águilas Cibaeñas highlighted that Angel Ovalles has been a great support in the team together with the well-structured operations team together with the leader Jose Leger and the experience of those who have always been there.

As president of the team, in addition to his main objective, which is to win championships, he wants, together with the board of directors, to leave great marks and they began with the remodeling of the Cibao Stadium, the playing field, the bullpen, the VIPs, among other areas that have been remodeled by part with team resources.

The Club House or Dressing Rooms of both the local team and visitors were also remodeled, as a result of some complaints that were made known in the country.

Víctor García Sued denied that there was a campaign against the Cibao Stadium and its conditions, but that it merited and was necessary a remodeling in many areas and he understands that with criticism they should be better and where the errors are, correct them.

¨For example, the government helped us a few years ago with the Bullpens, however they were improved once again¨ highlighted García Sued.

He also expressed that the team manages with the resources that the fans provide with their support and support and understands that it must be reciprocal and provide them with the best comforts within the ball park.

¨The Águilas Cibaeñas franchise belongs not only to the people of Santiago but to the country, and we are aware of this and we fight to maintain it¨ added García Sued.

¨Águilas Cibaeñas belongs to the fans and the players, the third in the line of command are the board of directors, and that is why we want to leave a mark, not only in the structure but also in the administrative system of our team¨ expressed the president eaglet

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