The situation is absurd and provokes the ire of this Perpignan. Defrauded in 2021, suspects were indeed arrested, but his file was closed without further action. To understand this case, you have to go back to October 2021, says . On the phone, he receives a phone call from a so-called associate of his account manager, a woman named Mélanie. Somewhat suspicious, he checks the number that links to his bank, and she knows the name of his adviser. Thanks to a call forwarding system, the “gang” of which he is the victim managed to fool his banking establishment. The young woman explains to him that she works in the credit card fraud department and that suspicious movements have taken place in her bank account. Romanians would have entered it.

The young woman knows all the banking information of the septuagenarian: his, credit card number and even the expiration date. According to her, several suspicious payments took place on different accounts and some were made on merchant sites. Total: 5,400 euros. Not to mention the 11,000 euros on other sites. In total, he was allegedly robbed of €11,327.20. Put in “trust”, the Perpignanais then entrusts him with the cryptograms appearing behind his bank card, the young woman needing them to send him codes on his phone and thus cancel the attempted scam, explains .