Vicky revealed Sara’s secret information

It is common in Bollywood – Sara Ali Khan is very much loved. Saif’s daughter does not spend anything beyond necessity. In one word – he spends a lot of money.

Recently co-star Vicky Kaushal exposed the secret story of Sara’s miserliness in front of everyone.

Vicky said that Sara was fighting with mother Amrita Singh because of money.

Sara appeared on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ to promote ‘Zara Hotke Zara Bachake’. There, Vicky said, ‘During the shoot one day I saw Sara, Amrita arguing with ma’am. I was a bit surprised by this.

I thought what happened again! So I asked Sara, then Sara said – Mom bought a towel for 1600 taka. And that’s why Sara is angry.

Vicky said, I didn’t believe Sara’s words at first, so I asked again that you are behaving like this because you bought a towel for 1600 rupees. Do you know what Sarah said in response? And he said – Yes, of course, what is there to buy a towel with 1600 taka? Towels are available for free.

How many towels are there in the bag, just take one from there and use it. Hearing such words, Vicky could not find the words to answer. Just shrug or shut up.

Again, Kapil Sharma also said that Sara is so miserly that after shooting, she returns home after having dinner from the sets. Sarah herself has publicly admitted to being in her custody many times.

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