Vicky Kaushal was madly in love with this actress before Katrina Kaif

In the Bollywood world, the sooner relationships are formed, the sooner they break. Akshay Kumar, who is happily married to Twinkle Khanna today, was also madly in love with actress Shilpa Shetty. Now when news comes that Bollywood actress Vicky Kaushal is getting married to Katrina Kaif, then those old flying things have come to the fore as gossip.

Once again, the wound that Vicky Kaushal had inflicted on his ex-girlfriend Harleen Sethi was fresh. The news of this breakup is from the moment Vicky Kaushal’s film ‘Uri the Surgical Strike’ appeared in the news. Harleen and Vicky were together until the movie’s premiere. When girls went crazy over Vicky Kaushal, the shaved Punjabi hung behind Harleen. Once, Vicky Kaushal sang a song for Harleen on the Neha Dhupia show. What song too? “Do you know Main Tennu Kinna Pyaar Karda”. So how did so much love suddenly end?

Relationships are fragile as a mirror, they look great, but if left unmanaged, they are bound to break down. Something similar probably happened in the relationship between Vicky and Harleen. Now the actor’s name has been associated with Katrina Kaif, the two are reportedly getting married in December this year. In social networks, where the images of the Diwali celebrations of both actors are viral, in the same way, a poem that is not from now but from the time when Harleen Sethi broke her heart and shared a poem on the networks social.

Harleen Sethi had written: “Where did I start, where do I come from today. I did not walk this path myself, but welcomed his wish without fear. I found the lost self. That I was a small fish in the big pond. I have seen both the performance and nervousness, I have lived it every day. I have made my own way. Nobody forced me. I am not shattered by a breakup and victory cannot heal my wounds. Defeat cannot kill me. I consider myself complete … I have the loot of God I am a label to myself.

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Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi dated for a few months in 2019. The two parted ways prior to the release of Uri: The Surgical Strike. But no one knows the reason for their breakup. Neither of them even mentioned it. However, according to a report, Harleen had recounted how Vicky Kaushal had changed after the movie Uri. Well now they are both far from each other and not even followed on social media. Harleen Sethi is great in her own world, Vicky is hers.


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