Vice President requests support from all sectors to continue working and expressed the Government’s commitment to transparency

Vicepresidenta pide apoyo de todos los sectores para seguir trabajando y manifestó el compromiso del Gobierno con la transparencia

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, guaranteed the transparency of the Government and assured that in the Government the accounts are open, as is the information, and thanked the participation of all the sectors that have been joining efforts for the country project.

She said she was very proud to be Dominican and thanked Minister David Collado and his team for the great work they have been doing so that the country receives the figures that have been heard, as well as the Banco de Reservas and its Board of Directors, the media for their participation in Fitur, as well as the hoteliers and civil servants and the president of the Chamber of Deputies Alfredo Pacheco.

He said that he was at the Davos Forum and brought from experience the opportunities for growth and linking relationships to continue projecting the Dominican Republic throughout the world.

He also referred to democracy as a cornerstone of development so that the future of the Dominican Republic is solid and the quality of life of all Dominicans can be raised.

He stressed that the only way to strengthen democracy in the Dominican Republic is with a transparent government, for the people, because otherwise they get tired and that is why he asked them to support good deeds.

He said that the arrival of more than 7 million tourists and one million three hundred thousand cruise passengers is a sign that “things are being done well.”

He recalled the efforts of the Government during the pandemic and today the fruits are on display. He said that the Government has to continue working, “but we need the collaboration of all of you.”

He stressed that in the Abinader government, public officials have to work very neatly, during their participation in the Mitur breakfast at the Madrid Casino.


Peña assured that the Dominican Government has transparency, the maintenance of social peace and the establishment of clear public policies that allow investors to place their trust in highly profitable projects in the country in a privileged place.

According to a press release, he also referred to the issue during the exhibition “Immersive Dominican: A Sensory Experience,” presented by the Banco de Reservas at the Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid.

“It represents a great pleasure for me to be sharing with you at the inauguration of the exhibition ”Immersive Dominican: A sensory experience"a tour with which to travel to the Caribbean”.

The official indicated that this initiative constitutes the perfect combination of the latest advances in technology with the best of our national culture and our wonderful landscapes; “It is an open window that connects Madrid with the Dominican Republic.”

Peña assured that Fitur is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the beauties of the Dominican Republic, in which, in addition to showing the country’s virtues, guarantees and security are offered for foreign investment.

The vice president invited those who have not yet visited the Caribbean country to do so.

While Samuel Pereyra, General Administrator of Banco de Reservas, indicated that the financial entity supports the development of tourism in the Dominican Republic with a strong investment in financing various projects that are carried out in Punta Cana, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Plata, Miches and Santo Domingo, which will generate new jobs and considerably increase the number of available rooms.

“During the 2022 commercial management of our Tourism Business area, we maintain an active portfolio of more than 35,868 million pesos, where we obtained financing approvals amounting to 172 million dollars for development, remodeling and working capital in favor of tourism projects” , said the general administrator of Banreservas.

Samuel Pereyra explained that at the end of last year Banreservas had disbursed to the hotel sector, the direct amount of 8,954 million pesos, while the deposit portfolio was 6,434 million pesos.

Tour of Fitur

Prior to the exhibition, the president of the Investment Promotion Office toured the exhibitions of Grupo Popular, Grupo Punta Cana, Banco BHD, Banco de Reservas and the Ministry of Tourism, where she spoke with each of the executives about the Proposals taken to the tourist fair to publicize the country’s attractions.


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