Home Sports Vettel on returning to F1: “We’ll see, but I have some ideas”

Vettel on returning to F1: “We’ll see, but I have some ideas”

Vettel on returning to F1: "We'll see, but I have some ideas"

He Williams FW14B with which Nigel Mansell won the championship and the McLaren MP4/8 by Ayrton Senna from 1993 have been driven by Sebastian Vettel this weekend at Goodwood. The former Red Bull has carried out this event to promote their initiative ‘Race Without a Trace’, on the occasion of sustainability and climate change awareness. The German has driven these cars powered by sustainable fuels

The three-time world champion wants people to be aware that all are protagonists, to a greater or lesser extent, of increasing or decreasing pollution: “Apart from the cars that obviously pollute directly, F1 has a great responsibility because it is a very big event. A lot of people turn out, I think there were around 500,000 people at the British Grand Prix last weekend. So, there’s a lot more to it than just the cars, even if that’s the part everyone thinks about”.

Sebastian Vettel in a T-shirt titled: “Every day is a Friday for the future.”

A pilot united to all causes

On occasions we have been able to see Vettel pick up rubbish that had been left in the stands after a weekend of racing in the World Cup, and it is that the German believes that the risk of F1 disappearing in the future is possible: “It’s not so much the threat of people sticking to the track on race day or maybe at Goodwood, it’s more the threat that at some point governments will see things they can cut and ban and maybe motorsport is in danger and I could be one of them.

Finally, he wanted to confirm that is in talks to take an official position in the FIA ​​​​or in F1 in which I can continue promoting this cause: “We’ll see, but I have some ideas. I was in Monaco earlier this year. I had a very good meeting with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicalli.”

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