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#88 |  Kyrie retired, Kawhi retired and Utah to the playoffs
episode 14

#88 | Kyrie retired, Kawhi retired and Utah to the playoffs

Phoenix Suns do not give for more problems in their squad. Cameron Johnson will be a sensible loss and they don’t have great short-term solutions (Crowder, Saric, Landale…), unless they want to loop the loop completely and go for Kevin Durant. In Brooklyn they take action with Kyrie Irving. Rather, they force you not to comply or to overcome a peculiar ego. His withdrawal is not ruled out, taking into account who could offer him a contract and for how much. How long will the “is Durant’s friend” thing last? Will Ben Simmons ever fit in in Brooklyn? Ime Udoka is clearly not, that he will remain suspended in Boston until further notice. With Kawhi Leonard repeats the endless story of suffering discomfort, missing games and not meeting the expectations of the Clippers. Very different situation in Utah: a competitive team, with a coach who is getting the best out of each player and a much more stable project than, for example, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

#87 |  Kyrie Irving has pushed all limits in Brooklyn
episode 13

#87 | Kyrie Irving has pushed all limits in Brooklyn

What times when the mili was done. Not like now that it is even allowed to fire a coach without announcing the new one. Steve Nash leaves Brooklyn, but Ime Udoka remains (albeit suspended for a year) as Boston’s coach. Will the Celtics get rid of a problem? Is Brad Stevens’ locker room turning upside down? What if Udoka wins the ring as coach of the Nets? Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving continues to give explanations about his barrabasadas and the NBA maintains its role. Irving has been saved from many, but there are certain limits beyond basketball. Whoever takes over the Brooklyn bench will face too many drawbacks, sporting and social. The only thing that can rescue the illusion in the Nets goes through Kevin Durant. But he has to bring out a personality that lives up to the legacy that he should try to uphold. And it is not enough to put baskets only. Durant’s ego is increasingly undermined. Not so in Cleveland, which if they maintain this dynamic they will aim for the top this season.


#86 |  The Walking Dead of the NBA
episode 12

#86 | The Walking Dead of the NBA

You were looking forward to it. The day has finally come for you to remember our dead. The day has not yet come when Golden State’s youngsters make the leap and take on responsible roles. These Warriors do not currently have the level to revalidate the ring. Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers try to conquer their cities and the NBA, but they stop halfway, always with reasons or excuses to justify that they are stalled projects. Therefore, in the West it ends up being Phoenix, and in that way, one of the few reliable teams, until the Pelicans, Utah and Portland prove otherwise. Not to mention Memphis and Dallas. In the East there is no way to give credibility to Miami, but it is impossible to doubt the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls miss Lonzo a lot. The Wizards can’t hit the rookies. The Spurs don’t think about it with Primo. Spoelstra doesn’t know what else to come up with to keep Miami competitive. NOT Myles Turner to play for Lakers. Where will LeBron and Bronny end up playing?


#85 |  Brooklyn and Philadelphia do not overcome their dramas
episode eleven

#85 | Brooklyn and Philadelphia do not overcome their dramas

It’s hard to find the exact pronunciation of Mathurin, but it’s easy to understand that not drafting him is another historic Detroit Pistons mistake. Among many debates, the Nets always star in one. The defensive problems are undeniable in Brooklyn, especially if Antetokounmpo activates the MVP mode and sweeps the basket. They have to shoot more as a team and many other justifications, but the reality is very depressing for now. In Philadelphia they do not raise their heads if they want to maintain their aspirations to the ring. There is no second unit, Embiid is a long way from his best, and Harden will continue to dribble until Doc Rivers deigns to play with an approach. Mobley and Jalen Green are facing a key season to confirm their development. The second year is complicated, even more so if you are in environments like Houston or Minnesota. Even San Antonio is saved.

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#84 |  Westbrook's toxic relationship and the future of the NBA
episode 10

#84 | Westbrook’s toxic relationship and the future of the NBA

In case there was any doubt, Russell Westbrook is not, has not been and will not be a solution for the Los Angeles Lakers. And less to decide a match like the one in Portland. Westbrook has the most toxic contract in history, and that’s saying a lot. But how much fun he has living in Los Angeles, what? Damian Lillard continues to build on the Blazers, but his ceiling seems similar to what they have already reached in other seasons. Not like Benedict Mathurin and Paolo Banchero, two rookies destined to make us enjoy for many years in the NBA. They can fall into the prestigious category of ‘players who shoot baskets because they know where the rim is.’ There is no one of this kind on the Detroit Pistons bench. In Chicago the absence of Lonzo Ball weighs heavily. In Philadelphia weighs everything. Quite the opposite in Utah: Markannen with stripes, Vanderbilt with solidity and Conley with experience. Maybe not the best news for Danny Ainge. How will Dejounte Murray and Dennis Smith Jr be doing in Atlanta and Charlotte?


#83 |  Celtics and Pelicans expose the reality of Sixers and Nets
episode 9

#83 | Celtics and Pelicans expose the reality of Sixers and Nets

The NBA is off to a strong start. Detroit Pistons are in positive balance for the first time since 2019, with a Cade Cunningham who seems to have 300 games in the league. The League Pass has not started so fine. In Orlando it seems that they are right with the young people. They have in Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner a duo to build. While Doc Rivers is no match for his team, Brooklyn is no exception. Taking over the bench for the Nets is very scary. Pelicans far exceeds them and ensures a year of many joys. Like Boston, he flows and manages his roster to exploit the brilliance of Brown and Tatum. The start of the Lakers shouldn’t be surprising: they lose against the Warriors who maintain a solid structure faithful to their champion status. Appearance that they neither have nor will have in San Antonio, Charlotte, Houston and other places. We are left with the good feelings with Santi Aldama, not so much with those of Willy and Garuba.


#82 |  The NBA begins, our health ends
episode 8

#82 | The NBA begins, our health ends

We have not arrived at the beginning of the season quite well. But we will go back. Houston and Kevin Porter Jr amaze with their agreement, the NBA can do it as an organization if it ends up signing a new television contract that would revolutionize sports broadcasting. Now is the time for sick fantasy and questionable bets, like the No. 1 pick in the Draft with Paolo Banchero or Atlanta’s first triple-double between Dejounte Murray and Trae Young. You have to prepare for the indigestion caused by thousands of videos with highlights and various controversies, especially from a team that we do not explain but it is easy to imagine.


#81 |  Facundo Campazzo's Dallas Mavericks, with Kike García
episode 7

#81 | Facundo Campazzo’s Dallas Mavericks, with Kike García

We are a nice and respectful podcast. At least in public. We are so nice and respectful that even the guests repeat. Kike García, author of ‘Dirk Nowitzki, perseverance and overcoming’, returns to Mínimo de Veterano to analyze Facundo Campazzo’s Dallas Mavericks. More friends for a Luka Doncic who does not negotiate well with his mother. In case there was any doubt, Draymond Green has not received any game suspension. The Sixers go under the radar even though they are a clear contender for the ring. In Charlotte they are getting a Wenbanyama face.


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