Very high-risk people, such as some people with Cancer, transplanted, inside dialysis or hemodialysis, over 40 years with Down’s syndrome or who take immunosuppressive drugs, among others, will receive a new extra dose, the fourth, five months after using the third.

These are the groups included in the Group 7 gives vaccination strategy and those on immunosuppressants, who were given a third dose of mRNA in September to complete the regimen and to whom the Public Health Commission agreed this Thursday to give them a room.

The recipients of the fourth dose will be some cancer patients, transplant recipients, on dialysis or hemodialysis, over 40 years of age with Down syndrome or on immunosuppressants.

These patients – usually transplant recipients, with chronic renal failure, some infected with HIV and some primary immunodeficiencies – and those undergoing certain immunosuppressive therapies have a immune response lower than that of the general population following conventional vaccine guidelines.

Furthermore, as stated in the strategy, they are more likely to transmit the virus to their household contacts, added to the fact that patients immunocompromised in which SARS-CoV-2 infection persists can generate new, more transmissible or more virulent variants.

Additional dose, not booster

In your case, it is considered a extra dose and not memory like the rest of the population; This is because, as their immune system is weakened, they do not reach the adequate level of protection and need this new injection to complete the regimen.

While booster shots are given to vaccinated people to restore protection if it is lost over time; In Spain, until today, all people over 40 years old and vaccinated with astraZeneca s Janssen regardless of your age.

But, as of this Thursday, the recipients of the booster dose are all over 18 years old, as the Public Health Commission also established this Thursday in a meeting in which it reduced, in addition to six for five months the time interval that must elapse between the second and third injection.



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