Verstappen, with a superiority over Pérez not seen since 2012

The domain of Verstappen and of Red Bull it’s overwhelming. Despite being the most competitive car on the grid by far, it has things to improve. The Dutchman is ‘bringing out the colours’ of his teammate Sergio Perez, and it is that he gets 99 points after contesting 10 races this season. A difference that is not seen from the rivalry between Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso in the team Ferrari.

The Asturian has the biggest difference in points in recent years after playing 10 grand prix. In 2010 he managed to lead the Brazilian by 131 points. That year Alonso finished second in the final classification and the championship was taken by the German Sebastian Vettel, with the Red Bull,

Red Bull a double-sided coin this year

One of the problems and the main trigger for this wide difference in points between the Red Bull drivers is the classification. Pérez has 5 grand prix without getting into Q3. After Silverstone, the Mexican was self-critical with this issue: “Tomorrow I will be in the simulator with the team working. We have an idea of ​​what is happening to me on Saturdays, but they are always very small factors that in the end people don’t realize”.

However, Red Bull is celebrating. After the Dutchman’s victory on British asphalt, the energy drink team equaled a record of McLaren Current since 1988: Get 11 consecutive victories. Cristian Horner was cautious when he was asked about this record in sky sports: “It drives me crazy when you ask me those questions. We can only go race by race. I mean if we can, yes, if we will, who knows, I mean reliability, time etc.” At the next race in Hungary, Red Bull will have the opportunity to surpass this record and Checo Perez he will seek to reduce the difference with his teammate.

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