Venom Page gets his revenge on Douglas Lima

The London public exploded with joy. Michael ‘Venom’ Page celebrated in his own way and Douglas Lima looked everywhere resigned. The end of Bellator 267 left many in London happy, but disgruntled many others. MVP and Lima finally had their long-awaited rematch. The Englishman had had to wait 874 days to come face to face with his only executioner. He wanted revenge and he got it. Page won by split decision (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28) a close fight that had few notable actions, but a lot of emotion.

MVP is an idol for his people and that was seen in every action. Page’s blows were chanted by hers. In addition, the contest started very well for him. With his distance he made fail and connected two clear hands that sat Lima. The Brazilian got up quickly, but it was clear that he was slow to enter the fight. When he did, he was halfway through the first round and he didn’t hesitate. He took the fight to the ground and there he tried to dominate, although Page defended himself well.

In the second, Lima was looser and that made him enter more. He connected something else and the KO of the first fight was almost repeated. The Brazilian kicked the Englishman, who stumbled and this time he was able to avoid the uppercut that knocked him out almost two and a half years ago. Despite this, MVP came out well and was able to connect loose hands. This was perhaps the key assault. Page deserved the first for the two blows that sat Lima and in the third, the Brazilian threw Venom at once and then dominated him on the ground. Of course, those domains were sterile. He got little advantage. Still, between the hand and the takedown was his. Two judges stayed with Venom Page, who after winning the ranking to number one (it was number two) looks at the title. Looks like your next stop.

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