Venom 2: Kevin Feige returns to the film’s post-credits scene

Venom 2 has recently been released in theaters and is slowly starting its small success globally. The Blockbuster of $ 110 million realized by Andy Serkis cumulates now not far from $ 280 million in revenue. However, the critical score is similar if not worse than the first film of 2018. On the Critics Aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, production certainly reaches 60% positive reviews but a lot of French and American media are dismayed by the degree of stupidity of the feature film and its very “Industrial disaster” given its monolithic and desaturated tone, its watered-down violence, its rotten humor and its wobbly script.

Many will have conspired, moreover, the massacre of the character of Carnage (Woody Harrelson). In all this mess, only the post-credits scene has been retained. Reminder of it … CAUTION SPOILERS !

In the final scene, Venom and Eddie are in a hotel room. The symbiote wants to share their knowledge with the reporter through mind fusion until a distant lightning unleashes a shock wave. Eddie and Venom are no longer in a seedy hotel but in a luxury resort where a half-naked man asks Eddie what he does in his room. The scene ends with the broadcast of the report by Jonah jameson during the unveiling of Spider-Man’s identity at the end of Far From Home. This then confirms the link between the Sony and Disney universes and the very probable appearance of Venom in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This has also been confirmed. The symbiote should therefore tumble into No Way Home. It remains to be seen in what role. Member of the Sinisters Six? Anti-hero? The mystery is still unresolved, but since the character is very family-friendly, he should quickly become a friend of the weaver.

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At the big world premiere from Eternals, Kevin feige spoke with the Hollywood Reporter on this subject and confirmed in half words the presence of the Symbiote in the third Spiderman (thus justifying the appearance of Adrian Toomes – The Vulture – in Morbius) :

“There was a lot of coordination – and if you don’t know all the coordination yet, I’m not going to be the one to tell you – but yes, between Sony and Marvel and the team. Venom and the team No Way Home … We worked on it together. “

Answer on December 17th.

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