Venezuela’s opposition faces a new stumbling block

The Madurismo named new rectors of the National Electoral Council; that is, the body that counts the votes in Venezuela. He was appointed principal i love elvisformer Comptroller General of the Republic, file of Nicolás Maduro and, more precisely, leader of the political disqualifications of the main opposition leaders.

What strategy is the Venezuelan regime pursuing? encourage abstention. In other words, that Venezuelans come to the conclusion: “What are we voting for?” Maduro will steal the elections.” The main opposition candidates responded unanimously to call for calm and to specifically encourage Venezuelans to participate when called upon. The strategy? The same that a boxer would use who – knowing in advance that the judges are bought – will have no choice but to win by KO. In this way, in the end, all the tricks of madurismo would no longer be enough.

However, it is important to create other conditions. It is not enough for the opposition to focus on the elections; For example, it must build relationships with disaffected Chavistas—military and civilian. Within this framework, offer them guarantees that there will be no revanchism in the event of a change of government. So should a KO scenario materialize, at least this sector, which is already convinced, would refrain from acting in Maduro’s favour.

As election day approaches, the persecution, extortion and attacks intensify. Difficult days lie ahead for María Corina Machado, Henrique Capriles and the rest of the candidates who oppose madurismo. The Conquest by stolen freedomIt usually involves struggle and sacrifice. And this storm with this new election umpire has just marked a turning point.

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