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Venezuela warns EU observers that if they are going to breach standards “better not come”

Venezuela warns EU observers that if they are going to breach standards “better not come”

The president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, has warned the observer mission preparing the EU for the regional elections on November 21 that if they are not going to comply with UN standards, "better not come".

Rodríguez has referred to the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, whom he has accused of breaching the agreement he signed with the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the EU to send an observation mission.

"Mr. Borrell, not like that. If so, better not come. If you come to violate the UN standards and the agreement that you yourself signed, you better not come"Rodríguez said after participating in the electoral simulation organized this Sunday by the CNE.

Rodríguez recalled that opposition leaders who once supported and demanded sanctions against Venezuela, will be candidates for these elections. "Opponents in a binge of hatred declared their support for the sanctions at the time. They are now candidates", has highlighted.

"We have not noticed a greater situation, only some disagreements between the opposition supporters themselves in some centers", has added.

In addition, Rodríguez has indicated that the solution to any dispute in Venezuela passes through an electoral and democratic mechanism. "No nation can interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela (…). Nobody gets in here. Peepers are made of wood", has warned.

On the other hand, Rodríguez has stressed that the Venezuelan electoral system is an example for the world. "This system is reliable and the results cannot be manipulated. We can set an example to the whole world of how choices can be made", has pointed out.


Along the same lines, the president of the CNE, Pedro Calzadilla, has confirmed that after Borrell’s words, the Delegation of the EU body in Venezuela has been urged to apologize.

Thus, in the absence of these words, the president of the Judiciary has advanced that this request will also be joined by the request that Borrell himself make a public apology, collects the local newspaper ‘Últimas Noticias’.

"I ask not only for an explanation, but for the European Union to publicly express its apologies to the people of Venezuela", has asserted Calzadilla, who has clarified that this request for explanations has been premeditated with "cold head" and so "respectful but emphatic".

In addition, Calzadilla has remarked that "no EU country" would allow the presence of an observation mission to go to "support one of the political sectors" that is presented to the elections.


On the other hand, Calzadilla has congratulated the Venezuelan citizens for their participation in the national electoral simulation, an experience that, for him, has met expectations and has made it easier for the population to become familiar with the voting system, the participation of organizations policies and that the CNE itself has tested the operating protocols.

In this sense, the vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, pointed out that Venezuelans have come this Sunday to "ratify" its "sovereignty as a Bolivarian people" and that the country’s electoral system is the "safest in the world".


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