Home World Venezuela gives UN staff three days’ notice to leave the country

Venezuela gives UN staff three days’ notice to leave the country

Venezuela gives UN staff three days' notice to leave the country

Caracas gave a 72-hour notice for office workers to leave the country and announced a “Comprehensive review of the terms of technical cooperation described in the letter of understanding, which will be signed with the said office in the next 30 days.”. In particular, it stipulated that this measure will remain in force until the Office “publicly rectifies before the international community its colonialist, abusive and violative attitude” towards the United Nations Charter.

The decision comes as part of the arrest campaign in the Latin American country. after President Nicolás Maduro said in January that authorities had repelled four assassination attempts against him planned by the United States and Colombia last year. It also coincides with the arrest of the Venezuelan human rights activist. Rocío San Miguel, who is accused of alleged crimes of treason, conspiracy and terrorism. The detainee, director of the NGO Citizen Control, is a Spanish national. She was arrested along with five other people, four of them from her family, for their alleged involvement in an alleged plot known as the White Bracelet to attack Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

First reactions

This decision by Venezuela has already provoked a reaction from several Latin American countries. The governments of Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay rejected this, saying that “the country’s sovereignty and self-determination are under attack through lies, fabrications, misinformation and manipulation.” Opposition figure Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself president of Venezuela in 2019, also stated that “the dictatorship is expelling them after violating human rights, accusing them of crimes against humanity and perpetuating its repressive system.”

On the other hand, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierrehas limited itself in a press conference to pointing out that this measure announced by Caracas is “obviously” “something” that “concerns” them and that they will “continue to monitor”.

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