Venca expands its marketplace with a new furniture section

Venca takes a further step in its diversification and growth strategy and has announced the launch of a new section in your marketplace dedicated to furniture, decoration and rest. With this vertical, Venca adds 86 new brands and more than 3,200 new products to your portfolio.

As the company has explained, the objective of this expansion is none other than to extend to new and increasingly varied categories of products that can be purchased in Venca and offer a “one stop shopping” experience for all users of the marketplace.

In addition, and due to the boom in teleworking, the growth prospects of the new section are very favourable. In the words of Jordi González, CEO of Venca: “The incorporation of more than 3,200 new products in our marketplace linked to furniture and rest will allow us to grow steadily in this last quarter of the year and We anticipate that the sales of these new products in Venca will account for about 10% of all ecommerce”. “For us it is very important to offer products that our users demand and thus offer and improve their shopping experience in our Marketplace.“, Add Gonzalez.

Wide range of categories and brands

Dining and desk chairs and tables, coffee tables, bookcases, TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, headboards and sideboardsare some of the categories that are included in the new vertical offer of Venca. In addition, you can find brands such as 7H Seven House, ProGarden Y Casikaamong many others.

With the establishment of this new section, the marketplace also offers a second section totally focused on restwhere it provides solutions linked to Beds, mattresses and canapés through providers like Royal Sleep, Imperial Relax Y BeZen Mattress and Health.

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Among the products that are having the most success since the launch of this section are the double bunk beds, chaise longue sofas, desk tables and chairs; in addition to decoration products like hanging baskets and headboards.

Currently, Venca has approximately 40 sellers with active offer in the furniture subhome. In addition, the marketplace only works with sellers who have stock in their warehouses of the products offeredwhich allows you ensure established delivery times between three and five days.

Before the end of the year, Venca will offer personalized attention and online advice and will include financing on available products in the Web page.

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