Home Sports Vélez must play the next home games without an audience

Vélez must play the next home games without an audience

Vélez must play the next home games without an audience

Vélez Sarsfield will face his next commitments without an audience until “so much as they adapt to different issues that make the security of the meetings“, reported this Thursday the Football Security Committee of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires after the acts of violence that occurred on August 3 in front of Talleres de Córdoba.

“After the incidents with the partiality of Talleres de Córdoba, the Football Safety Committee –in an extraordinary meeting with a unanimous vote of all its executive members – ordered that the Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield play behind closed doors until they are adapted to different issues that make the meetings safe,” the statement detailed.

Modifications to infrastructure, technology, a new security operational planning and private security protocols were requested.“, explained the public entity in the text released this afternoon.

The incident happened on Wednesday August 3 in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals, when local fans identified a handful of Cordovan infiltrators and attacked them in one of the stalls of the José Amalfitani stadium.

“In the meantime, The club authorities are being asked to collaborate with the identification of the bars to proceed with the application of the right of admission. Until that is achieved, the entry of drums, flags and suspenders will be prohibited,” he continued. “However, as the judicial investigations progress, the security committee will apply the administrative restrictions on attendance provided for by law.” , he concluded.

In this way, if there are no changes, Vélez will receive Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata this Sunday without the support of his people and the situation will be evaluated for the clash on Monday 22 against Sarmiento de Junínboth by the Professional Football League (LPF).

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