Vélez beat Central with Tevez as a witness

Carlos Tevez was at the Vélez stadium watching the team he will lead from this Tuesday. And it must not have made a good impression. Central lost again 2-0 against the local team and made it clear how much the new coaching staff will have to work on to put together a competitive team in a very short time.. With goals from Orellano 6 minutes into the first half and from Damián Fernández 38 minutes into the second, Vélez scored the first victory of the cycle for Uruguayan Alexander Medina as technical director.

The game started badly for Central. While Tevez and his assistant Carlos Retegui settled in the boxes, the goalkeeper Gaspar Servio lost a ball he had received from Komar at the expense of Pratto who gave it to Orellano to convert the first Velez goal. It was difficult for Central to get out of the confusion and it was only in the second half, with the good performance of the youthful Facundo Buonanotte who came in for the injured Montoya, that the balance began to even out. But 38m. Damián Fernández appeared in the small area after a corner and decreed the final 2-0.

The new coaching staff headed by Tevez and Retegui will be presented to the squad this Tuesday afternoon at the sports city of Granadero Baigorria and will take care immediately. In principle, Central is scheduled to face Gimnasia next Friday from 7:00 p.m. at the Gigante de Arroyito, but the Professional League will be asked to move the game to Sunday afternoon on the understanding that there will be a crowd in the stadium to witness the debut as coach of the former player of Boca and the National Team.

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Meanwhile, a A group of seventy members of Rosario Central will file an appeal against the arrival of Tevez and soccer businessman Cristian Bragarnik. After After an assembly convened at the door of the club’s Foundational Headquarters, at the Alberdi Crossing, it was decided to resort to Rosario’s Justice so that the club’s assets are preserved, the contract with Tevez and Bragarnik is known and an extraordinary assembly is called. .

“The partners convened in an assembly because we do not want Central to become a public limited company. We are fighting against neoliberalismwhich invades even the most intimate feelings of the people,” declared Rosario doctor Jorge Kohen at a meeting in which part of the board of directors and some former trustees such as Germán Peralta and Carlos Del Frade also participated.

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