The Spanish referees change heads. Carlos Velasco Carballo, who has held this position for the last four seasons, is going to UEFA to direct the VAR. The Madrilenian stripper met on Monday morning with his Committee to communicate his goodbye and his new project. Luis Rubiales already has his replacement tied, it will be Medina Cantalejo, although it has not yet been officially announced.

Luis Medina Cantalejo (Seville, 57 years old) will be the new head of the referees in Spain. He leaves the position of president of the Andalusian Committee, to relieve Velasco Carballo in the presidency of the CTA. He made his debut in the First Division in 1998, achieved international rank in 2002 and hung up the whistle in 2009 after having whistled four games in the 2006 World Cup and the Copa del Rey and UEFA final in 2009. He was the fourth official in charge of warning Materrazzi of Zidane’s header in the Italy-France final of the World Cup in Germany and the referee who whistled the famous suckling pig Classic. After his retirement, he was already part of the Arbitration Committee, but now he returns as head honcho.

“The person who will occupy the position of President of the CTA will be announced shortly because the current President Mr. Carlos Velasco Carballo will be appointed by UEFA to develop new tasks at the international level. The RFEF thanks him for his work and wishes him the best of good luck in this new responsibility at the international level, “read the Federation statement.

Velasco leaves office after being the great promoter of the VAR. It was implemented in the First and Second Division, it has created a body specialized in VAR and the Spanish arbitration has achieved a greater international presence. LaLiga braids are chosen for major events and world finals. In addition, Velasco was in charge of directing the VAR during the Eurocup.

Changes in the Federation

Luis Rubiales is going to change bosses in several areas. The president of the Federation has announced changes in the chairmanship of the Coaches Committee (David Gutiérez Sáiz enters through José Ramón Cuetos Lobo), in Communication (Marisa González becomes Director of RSC and another Dircom will be announced soon), in the Arbitration Committee ( Velasco goes to UEFA and a replacement must be appointed, which will be Medina Cantalejo) and in the finance department, Emilio Herrero González is appointed director.


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