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Veepee launches Re-Turn in Spain

Veepee launches Re-Turn in Spain

Veepee is launched in Spain To return, an innovative service for managing your returns. Especially with the aim of efficiently promoting the circular economy of returns, it is a space in which Members have the opportunity to purchase products returned by other users with additional discount and better shipping conditions.

Re-Turn launched in France in May 2020 and since then more than 702,000 returned products have been sold. From November the service will also be available in Spain and Italy. After two weeks of active service in Spain, Veepee already has more than 2,000 daily updated items in the Re-Turn catalog.

«The return is a new beginning for our return. An initiative focused on Veepee’s two big pillars: sustainability and innovation. With Re-turn, we want to offer our collaborating brands a new solution to overcome product lifecycle challenges and enable them to adapt to an increasingly demanding market.“, he assured Anja Brehm, Veepee Country Manager in Spain.

How does the return work?

For the Veepee member, the return process is the same with Re-turn. In addition, the system is automated so that all returns, except those that have some type of damage, will appear directly in this new online area. As soon as the return arrives in the warehouse, All items are inspected to ensure the new buyer receives them correctly.

Thanks to this system, Veepee members have the opportunity to find an item that they wanted to purchase in a flash sale but were unable to receive it in time due to the limited duration and high demand. Aside from that, You can get these products with an additional discount of up to 20% and with faster and cheaper deliveries, all to improve the circularity of the product. As explained, Re-Turn has since also become a service that benefits the brands that work with Veepee guarantees the reduction of your inventory and increases your probability of sales within the platform.

Sustainability and innovation

To return reiterates the commitment to continue to drive innovation Promote circularity in Veepee. A commitment that the company confirmed in 2020 with the Re-cycle start, an initiative that combines circular economy and second-hand and has so far collected more than 70 tons of clothing to resell, recycle and donate. In Spain, this service was launched in April 2022.

Veepee relies on innovation and implements new business boards to continue growing. One of the most notable was Brand Place, your own marketplace. With more than 700 affiliated brands in five countries, This year sales will reach 300 million euroswhich represents double-digit growth compared to the previous year.

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