VeChain reaches milestone of 2 million known addresses

By the way, these are not active addresses. In the past 24 hours, of those more than 2 million addresses, 8,193 addresses were active. Over the past week, there were 20,503 active addresses. The growth of the project’s blockchain continues at a steady pace at the moment, as an additional 8,471 addresses were added in the last week.

VeChain community is proud

Sarah Nabaa, the manager of the VeChain Foundation in Southeast Asia also spoke up and said she was extremely happy with the milestone of 2 million addresses. Furthermore, Nabaa proudly shared that the network has not been offline for a single moment since 2018. That is also an important statistic for a blockchain network.

The official Twitter account of the VeChain Foundation is of course also happy with the development of the network, but indicates that this milestone is in principle only the beginning of a bright future for VeChain.

The main goal of VeChain is to develop into a global network and get “the entire global economy” on board. To achieve this, the network still needs to grow considerably, but with these developments the foundation has been laid. VeChain proves itself once again as a project that certainly deserves our attention.

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