VeChain interest is starting to rise

Last year VeChain (VET) was a project that involved a huge amount of hype. The price of VET also showed some pretty nice increases at some point. Since then, interest in the project has waned, although this seems to be changing again. On social media, the number of times VeChain is mentioned has already risen to a new record!

VeChain restores?

VeChain mainly focuses on the application of blockchain technology in supply chain management. The project may be through native token, VET, tackling key issues in data storage and transmission for business. VeChain targets various sectors in business including the energy sector, the financial sector and even the food and beverage industry.

At the moment, interest in the project seems to have returned. According to dates from LunarCrush Recently, VeChain was referenced more than 28,000 times on various social media. That is the highest number this quarter.

“Keep a close eye on VeChain as the social mentions just crossed the highest level yet in Q3 2022. Vechain hit 1.26K social posts per hour with strong social engagement and bullish sentiment.”

VeChain closes new collaborations

One of the reasons the interest in VeChain is so high has to do with the fact that the platform is still working hard to recruit new companies to partner with. The latest example of such a new collaboration is TruTrace.

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TruTrace is a major Canadian software company and just a few days ago it was announced that they have partnered with VeChain. Such announcements, of course, generate increased interest from crypto investors and traders.

In the summer it was already in the altcoin news to read that VeChain de official partner became of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Although the price of VET, like all cryptocurrencies, is still deeply under water at the moment, there are plenty of positive things happening behind the scenes.

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