Vasseur: “There will be no first driver at Ferrari”

Frédéric Vasseur (France, 54 years old) he has a left hand, he allows himself a laugh during his first virtual meeting with the Press since he joined Ferrari as a main team. He jokes in many cases, such as when AS asks him if between Leclerc and Sainz he will designate the first pilot and squire: “I didn’t expect that question!” But the new head of the most important team in terms of history, relevance and numbers, conveys that he will be firm to straighten the course of Maranello and aspires to “win the World Cup” which begins on March 5 at the Bahrain GP. So, without mitigation.

“Any team top He has no goal other than winning. You can’t start the season saying that it would be nice to be second, because you would lack ambition. The goal is to win the World Cup this year. and if you want to win, that includes beating Red Bull”, starts Vasseur, who before joining had time to chat long and hard with Binotto and “share some whatsapp with Jean Todt”, a reference as a Frenchman and as a leader of Ferrari.

“Strategy is the tip of the iceberg”

He assures that for now he will not alter the structure of the team, “it would be arrogant if he did so after only two weeks here”, although he is aware that strategy, evolution and reliability were the three weak points of the scuderia: “As far as I understand, the engine is under control (the car is presented on February 14). Development is a strategic decision with the spending ceiling, you can focus on the current car or next year’s. Y strategy is usually just the tip of the iceberg, a matter of organization or the flow of communication. “I trust people. Later, after a few months, decisions will have to be made if something is not working. But I trust them”, emphasizes the boss, alias Fréd.

As for the drivers, he assures that there will be no leader and squire but emphasizes that he will make “decisions” if the fight for the title requires: “We have two very good drivers and both are capable of doing a good job. We will have the capacity to give them exactly the same car, the same structure and the same support. What is clear is that the objective is to win with Ferrari and by Ferrari. There won’t be a number one and a number two. But If at any point in the season decisions have to be made, I will make decisions.” “It does not matter if it is in favor of one or the other, but if something must be done, we will do it. When it’s obvious that one will be in a much better position than the other, not before,” she elaborates.

“I tried to sign Carlos twice”

He knows Leclerc from his first year at Sauber or GP3 times, but Sainz is no stranger to Vasseur: “You probably know that I started talking to Carlos about signing him when he was at Renault, in 2017 or something like that. When he was at Sauber I also tried to sign him, without success. So I understood that if I want to have Carlos, I have to go to the team where he is (jokes). We have always had a very good relationship, I trust him and he has shown in recent years that he is a potential winner. It is very important for the team, and I repeat that we will not have number one and two. They have to do the job and if at any time action needs to be taken, by Carlos or Charles, I will do it.”

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