Home Entertainment Varun Dhawan on driver’s death: ‘Who was my everything’

Varun Dhawan on driver’s death: ‘Who was my everything’

Varun Dhawan on driver's death: 'Who was my everything'

Varun Dhawan’s driver, Manoj (Manoj sahu), has worked until the last time. Leaving his sahib on the shoot, while waiting for him outside, he was cutting his shyam, that life left him. His driver died due to a sudden heart attack. Varun Dhawan won’t even know after this that there will be 26 years of union left at this point. Following the death of Manoj Sahu, actor Varun Dhawan has had his last say by sharing an emotional post.

Varun Dhawan has shared a video of himself on his social media page (Varun Dhawan Instagram), in which he has given that respect to his driver, which has made everyone’s eyes water. In the video, Varun is seen saying that the person who has been with me through my best and worst moments is my driver Manoj Sahu. It has always been with me for many years. After saying this, he called Manoj to the stage, hugged him and said: he is my everything, he has seen my whole journey. How are you feeling Manoj?, answering Manoj seemed very happy.

Along with the video, Varun wrote in the caption: Manoj has been in my life for the last 26 years. He was my everything. I have no words to express my sadness, but I want people to remember him for his wisdom and his passion for life. I will always be grateful to you Manoj Dada…

Giving information to ABP News, a member of Varun Dhawan’s team said: “Driver Manoj Sahu suffered a heart attack at Mehboob studio around 6:00pm on Tuesday, for which he was immediately admitted to Lilavati Hospital. . To be admitted to the hospital. After that he had a heart attack one more time and after that he died there.”




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