Varun Dhawan kisses Gigi Hadid lifting her on his lap.. Actor breaks his silence after being trolled

On the second day of the Nita Mukesh Ambani cultural event, there was a star fair in Mumbai, where many big faces from Bollywood to Hollywood and the South industry were seen. Many famous stars had performed on the stage while some people were dancing at the party. Many videos of this event are going very viral in the internet halls, in which all the stars are seen having fun, one such video is of Varun Dhawan’s performance where he dances on stage with international model Gigi Hadid. ) on the cheeks.

In this video that is going viral, Varun Dhawan can be seen calling out to Jiji Hadid while dancing on stage, in such a situation, he dances while picking her up in his arms. In this video of Varun Dhawan, a lot of uproar was seen on social media. Faced with such a situation, breaking the silence, Varun Dhawan attacked the user who was trolling the actor without knowing the whole truth. Although that user deleted his tweet, screenshots of him are still going viral on social media.

The user who trolls Varun Dhawan wrote while commenting that: If you are a woman then you are not safe anywhere with anyone. Even if you are Gigi Hadid, inviting people to your party, picking them up on your lap and kissing them without their permission and calling them funny is very wrong. to digest

After reading that user’s tweet, Varun Dhawan broke the silence and said: I think you are awake now and you have decided to wake up today. So, bursting the bubble of your dreams, I want to tell you that Hadid’s appearance on the scene was already planned. So you go and raise a topic about something else. Good morning…

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