Var: Météo-France warns of a “very high” risk of fires on Sunday, the highest level of danger

Météo-France warns of a risk “very high'” of fires in the Var for the day of Sunday, announces the institute, Friday July 28. The department has gone to “red”, which most closely corresponds to the level of danger, triggered when “the weather conditions make the risk of starting and spreading forest and vegetation fires very high compared to summer normals”.

This situation in the Var is explained “by a rise in temperatures and a drop in humidity, with strong local winds, and always a drought marked”, details Metéo-France on Twitter.

On Monday, the forest weather had placed the Bouches-du-Rhône in “red” danger level from Tuesday.

Avoid any outbreak of fire

While nine out of ten fires are of human origin and mainly the result of recklessness, this level of alert aims to inform the population, called upon to be vigilant to avoid any fire starting. The authorities invite people who are in the department to rteach to the prefecture about the possible closure of forests and access to woods, forests, moors or scrubland.

Barbecues, fireworks or any use of fire may be prohibited.specifies the Ministry of Ecology, while “agricultural and forestry work and work that can generate sparks (shredders, brush cutters, motor chainsaws, welders, etc.) can be regulated, or even prohibited as well.” “Failure to comply with the prevention instructions issued by the public authorities exposes you to a fine of up to 750 euros”, he recalls.

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