A pilot in socks, a Mirage 2000 which forced a plane to land … It was 9:05 a.m. this Wednesday, March 30 in the sky of Toulon when a “light plane” was intercepted by a Mirage 2000, announces the Army of the ‘Air on her twitter account. This one did not respect the rules of air traffic: he was flying at low altitude, and would have flown over “prohibited areas”, such as the naval base of Toulon, the home port of the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle. The aircraft even seemed lost, without a flight plan or radio contact, relates France Blue in an article published a few hours later.

For example, it passed over Nice airport, which preferred to remain closed for a few minutes, specifies the local media, without causing significant delays. But it was when the pilot did not respond on the distress radio frequency that the Army became concerned. After sending a Mirage 2000, she was about to force the aircraft to land at Aix-Les-Milles, an airfield between Nice and Marseille, when the plane finally landed.

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He was followed by a Fennec helicopter, specifies France Bleu. According to our colleagues fromEuropean 1, it would be a Slovak who did not have his papers on him. He would have spoken in English, and would have left his plane… without shoes. The man was only wearing socks. He is suspected of having stolen the plane which belongs to an Italian flight training school, Europe 1 tells us.