Vanraj returned, Kavya-Leela created a new drama to bring Bapuji home, a new challenge in front of Anupama.

In the latest episode of Anupama Serial, Anupama tries to regain his Bapuji’s courage. Bapuji is completely devastated after hearing the teasing of his wife Leela Shah. Bapuji begins to feel pain from his rejection. Bapuji leaves the house in the middle of the night to look for work. Taking care of Bapuji, Anuj and Anupama bring him back. After this, Anu inspires Bapuji to return to the previous life, but Bapuji’s faith is completely broken, he gets angry.

Anuj supports Anupama at every step while playing out their friendship. On the other hand, Kavya fears that Vanraj will return and what will happen if he finds out about all this. Kavya then tells Baa, that is, Leela Shah, that they will both have to fix all of this before Vanraj arrives. Leela Shah is still angry, her brother Jignesh also leaves him and leaves. Leela’s brother, that is, the maternal uncle, says that although he forgets everything, he will never be able to forget what has insulted Hasmukh.

In the preview of the latest Anupama serial, Leela Shah was shown going to Anupama’s house with Kavya and Paritosh. Leela says that she has come to get Bapuji back. Claiming his wife’s rights, Leela says he will have to go with her. Bapuji shakes his wife’s hand and tells her that he will not go with her. Leela says what she will say if Vanraj comes. About this, Bapuji says to tell him that his father is dead. Leela is shocked after this. Bapuji says that now I too will die alone and you too will die alone. Ba is surprised to hear these words from her husband.

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Anupama gets angry seeing all this. Now a new challenge has arisen against Anupama. His family is on the brink of collapse. In such a situation, the decision that Anupama will make will be seen in the next episodes. Will Anupama sacrifice his dream and his flight and become the family once again or will Anu take over the family with the flight of his dreams? In the next episodes of the Anupama series, the twists will be seen in the story fiercely.


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