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Van Gogh foundation launches unique NFT collection, this is what they look like

Van Gogh stichting lanceert unieke NFT collectie, zo zien ze eruit

Yesterday the Van Gogh Sites Foundation (VGSF) launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection launched. With the collection, the foundation brings various monuments in Brabant in digital form to collectors. The NFTs are mainly intended to bring people in Asia into contact with the heritage of the well-known painter Vincent van Gogh.

NFTs of Van Gogh’s tree leaves

The foundation has developed a collection of ‘Fine NFTs’ in collaboration with Appreciator.io from Hong Kong, Van Gogh Brabant and Tomas Concept + Creation. The NFTs consist of 3D-printed tree leaves from trees at 39 Van Gogh monuments in Brabant. These leaves are represented in digital form as NFT on the blockchain.

For example, the first tree leaf is a 3D print from the place where the setting for the famous painting The Potato Eaters took place, at 4 Gerwenseweg in Nuenen to be precise. The NFT consists of an animation of the magazine with the famous painting behind it.

In addition to the digital artwork, owners also become certificate holders of a share of Van Gogh Sites NV. This organization invests in Van Gogh heritage with the aim of maintaining Van Gogh’s heritage and bringing it into contact with young people, including in Asia:

“The Fine NFT reaches a young Asian target group for whom European cultural heritage normally remains outside the focus area. […] After launch in Asia, Fine NFTs will also be launched in Europe and the United States.”

NFTs help foundation with new income

More and more organizations and companies are launching their own NFT collections, including PostNL. One of the reasons for this is that it offers a unique way to give a piece of something to collectors, in digital form. In addition, it offers a new source of income.

This is of course great for the VGSF, as they maintain Van Gogh’s heritage. A predetermined amount of NFTs is issued for each version. Depending on the edition, prices range from $750 to $10,000.

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