Van der Poel, Pidcock and Van Aert will be the highlight of Benidorm

Sand, thousands of throats roaring as their idols, obstacles and the omnipresent pass by horizon as a backdrop. A celebration. This was staged last January by the Cyclocross World Cup held in Benidorm, a resounding success that brought back a test of this magnitude that had not been seen in Spain since 2011 next year (January 21st), Now that the homework has been done, the project wants to take a further step to continue to establish itself on the calendar as one of the benchmark events in this cycling sport. “Our wish is that it is preserved in the long term,” explained Antonio Pérez, mayor of Benidorm. to AS and the rest of the media who attended the presentation of the event. The numbers prove him right.

The premiere forecasts exceeded all expectations and the capacity reached an impressive 15,000 spectators, a number that the organization believes will be significantly exceeded by then reach a visitor number of around 20,000 people. Ticket sales have already doubled compared to the same period last year. The big reason, apart from the job well done, is nothing other than an outstanding, if not unbeatable, participation thanks to the presence of today’s greatest cyclocross riders: Mathieu van der Poel, Tom Pidcock and Wout van Aert.

“99% of the time we will have the most important world stars of cyclocross again in Benidorm,” said Pascual Momparler this Thursday morning. in reference to “the three tenors”. The remaining 1% refers to Van Aert, who intends to take part in the test but will make the decision based on how his season has developed so far in the remaining races. “It depends on his first races, on how he passes the Christmas tests. He will be in Alicante at the Jumbo team concentration and will bring the material with him. We will all have to make a little effort to convince him to compete in Benidorm and say goodbye to the cyclocross season,” said Momparler, explaining the Belgian’s presence.

But the poster doesn’t stop there. Felipe Orts will be the big Spanish stronghold to an appointment that will be like home for him (he comes from Villajoyosa). The national cycling coach himself analyzed the options for Orts, who achieved the best results of his sporting career at the beginning of the season. (5th in the World Cup and first podium in a Superprestige): “I see him super motivated, much better than in other years. He wants to shine in front of his audience. I wish he was the one to knock one of these three super classes off the podium in Benidorm.”

Last but not least, it should be noted that the circuit will hardly see any changes compared to the first edition. “We have set one The hardest climb that will break up the race so there won’t be as much riding in a group and prefer a brave man who wants to escape. There will be new spaces for spectators and they will be able to watch the race from many more places,” Momparler revealed about a route that will be reestablished between El Moralet and Foietes parks. As it couldn’t be otherwise, Benidorm has also attracted the best in the world of sport, so it’s likely Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Fem van Empel Star in an outstanding duel. Keep the party going.

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