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Van der Poel: “I don’t know if I will have the legs to follow Van Aert”

Mathieu Van der Poel is ready to face his return to cyclo-cross this Sunday in Dendermonde, the modality in which he is the current world champion and where he has starred in duels that are already part of history with Wout Van Aert.

In fact, the Dutchman confessed that he was about to miss the entire cyclo-cross season after the fall he suffered last November while training. “It was a silly fall in the woods. A setback that even made me fear for my cyclocross season.”

Once the scare is over, Van der Poel analyzes his expectations for the cyclocross season, ensuring that there is a lot of level. “The level is very high. And especially because of the impression that Wout Van Aert has given me in the races in which he has competed. It was nice to see them, I have not seen them in their entirety but I have been able to see several moments “.

Van der Poel also spoke of Wout Van Aert, he is again running as the great rival of the Dutchman with the British Tom Pidcock. “I don’t know if I will have the legs to follow Van Aert, but I will try. I may surprise myself. If I can’t, I should be in the group that goes after him. Spontaneously I would say that I want to enter to win, but the way Wout has started the season will make it more difficult than I expected. “

The Dutchman also confessed that it is strange for him to compete so late in the cyclocross. “The rankings have already escaped and the only thing left to do is get the big trophies. It is all due to a long season on the road. I needed to rest. But I feel strange not to have returned to the mud until the end of December. Still, the love for cyclocross is not over. “

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