Valverde: “We would love to win the Cup”

Athletic has won 19 single-match qualifiers, 17 in the Cup and 2 in the Super Cup. No one has reached that figure. The last time they fell was against Gimnástica de Torrelavega, a little over 19 years ago, precisely with Valverde in charge. So this is filled with caution for tomorrow’s visit to Eldense in the round of 32. “In these almost 20 years there have been many in which there were no one-game qualifiers and the statistics are cut in certain places, in the Cup the biggest one-game tie is the final.” He maintains that his team over time “is proving reliable”, although that “does not mean much because the next one is always a test in which you have to endorse what you have been doing”, he clings to “knocking on wood (taking his hand in the lead) and be well placed as in the previous qualifiers”.

Iñaki Williams is suffering from knee discomfort, brought back from the World Cup with Ghana. Iñigo Martínez has some discomfort in the sole of his foot and Capa tries to overcome the pain in his back. From the central, he did not want to get into puddles about his future. He does not believe that Barça’s interest will distract the team. He is not pending Osasuna’s visit to San Mamés on Monday either. “We want to face the game with the maximum guarantees, whoever plays, I’m not thinking about Osasuna, we just have to see what happened yesterday. Once the game is launched, it costs a lot more.”

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Athletic is very focused. “In front of big rivals sometimes you have to lower the activation bar and in these games it seems that you have to remember the importance of it. Our team is very focused, all you have to do is watch the preparation games, we are a fairly safe team, which does not mean that anything can happen. The objective is to go as far as possible, we would love to win the Cup”.

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