Valve is already thinking about the next version of Steam Deck with screen improvements

Certainly inspired by the success of the Nintendo Switch, Valve recently introduced its first handheld console. Steam Deck will be a strong competitor for the Japanese console to be able to run all the elements present in the official Steam library.

Although the Steam Deck only hits the market at the end of the year, Valve is already starting to look for the next version of its portable console. There is also the hint that the main evolution should focus on your screen.

Next Steam Deck may have a 4K screen

The reveal was made by Valve design Greg Coomer in conversation with one of his professional colleagues. In their exchange of arguments, the Steam Deck screen resolution theme captures the attention of fans.

steam cover

Lawrence Yang claims that it is possible to generate a 4K image even on a product with the dimensions of the Steam Deck. However, it will take some compromises to accomplish this feat.

These statements are already seen as a hint that the next version of Valve’s console will come with a 4K screen. Obviously, not everything can be perfect and it will take time for the company to realize whether it will have to sacrifice any important point in favor of greater resolution.

Regarding the development of the new version, Greg Coomer says that it is already being considered. If it depended on the will of the company, the new Steam Deck would hit the market in a few months.

There are many people within Valve who see Steam Deck as a platform ready to be constantly updated. However, the company cannot do it at this rate, as it must consider the needs of the game creators and the players themselves.

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There is no sketch for the design of the possible Steam Deck 2 yet, but there are already conversations about it. So a new handheld console from Valve is something we can really look forward to in the future.

As for the Steam Deck already presented, it is more powerful than a PlayStation 4, despite its portable format. This is thanks to the AMD Van Gogh APU processor, with Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 cores capable of delivering a power of 2 TFLOP.

Its screen has a 10:16 format and offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It has 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and storage of up to 512 GB on an SSD.

Steam Deck prices start at € 419 for the version with 64 GB of storage and can go up to € 679 for the 512 GB SSD. The console is expected to hit stores in time for Christmas.

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