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(AOF) – Adocia jumped 5.7% to 4.65 euros. The biotech announced the dosing of the first patient in BioChaperone Lispro’s Phase 3 program with its partner Tonghua Dongbao. BC Lispro belongs to the latest generation of ultra-rapid insulins along with Fiasp (Novo Nordisk) and Lyumjev (Eli Lilly). 1,300 people with type 1 or 2 diabetes in 100 clinical research centers in China will participate in this trial, the start of which triggered the payment of $5 million by Tonghua Dongbao to Adocia.

Additional payments of up to $30 million are conditional upon reaching future development milestones through product registration.


The contract between the two companies provides for the payment of double-digit annual royalties on future sales in Tonghua Dongbao territories which have 140 million diabetics in China and 60 million in other Asian territories such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In 2018, China’s insulin market was worth over $3.5 billion and is expected to reach $5 billion by 2025 due to increasing access to medicines, diagnosis and prevalence of diabetes, indicates Adocia.

“We are proud to be one of the few companies to bring an innovative insulin from the lab to phase 3,” said Olivier Soula, Deputy CEO and R&D Director of Adocia.


“Congratulations to our partner Tonghua Dongbao for achieving this important milestone. Our BC Lispro product has a high probability of reaching the largest market in the world in terms of patient numbers,” added the leader.


Clinical trials (Phases I, II, III)


Phase I: small-scale testing of the molecule on humans to assess its safety, tolerance, metabolic and pharmacological properties. Phase II: assessment of tolerance and efficacy on several hundred patients to identify side effects. Phase III: evaluation of the overall benefit/risk ratio with several thousand patients.