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Validated season 2: know everything about Laetitia Kerfa, new heroine of the series

This Monday, October 11 marks the arrival on Canal + of the eagerly awaited second season of Validé, a real phenomenon behind the scenes of the French rap scene, and which this time highlights a very promising young rapper.

This second part indeed sees the entry on the scene of Laetitia Kerfa who takes over the main role of the series, that of Clément alias Apash (Hatik), in a first season punctuated by a final shock: the death of the rapper during a shooting.

In homage to their childhood friend, William and Brahim (Brahim Bouhlel, actor of the series still imprisoned in Morocco) decide to create an independent label, Apash Music, and set out in search of a new talent. They then hear about Sara, a rapper mother of a little boy who makes sparks under the stage name Original Laeti, but seems to have given up on her dreams as an artist …

Carried by a supercharged staging and a punchy soundtrack, this season 2 sends heavy between violent clashes, freestyles on edge and ruthless power struggles. And Laetitia Kerfa bursts the screen.

Laetitia Kerfa was obvious

After a season 1 which has more than 35 million views, the creator and actor Franck Gastambide has therefore this time bet on a heroine to continue his exciting dive into the heart of the rap game.

“The logic would have been to leave with the same characters, he explained to Télé7Jours. I told myself that we were going to do the opposite: kill our hero and make him a legend. His friends decide to create a label in his name, Apash Music, and to continue in the rap game. With this question: who will take up the torch? I wanted something unexpected, extraordinary. I said to myself that a woman in rap is necessarily extraordinary ”.

Great good took her because Laetitia Kerfi alias Original Laeti convinces as well in her acting as in that of rapper. And, like Diam’s in the old days, proves that women can hold out on guys in this world steeped in misogyny.

“On this series my main guardian angel is called Screetch, famous French rap clipper. He was talking to me about an extraordinary girl that I absolutely had to discover on stage. One evening he accompanied me to see Laetitia Kerfa at the Théâtre de la Commune in Aubervilliers. This artist ticked all the boxes I could dream of: she wore only one-on-stage, which is not given to everyone. She was rapping. She is, moreover, very beautiful and very charismatic. It was obvious: Sara, it would be her! », Remembers Franck Gastambide in an interview for Télérama. A casting is still organized afterwards, but Laetitia Kerfa wins hands down. So much so that his personality “rubs off” on his character.

Between rap and theater

“This is the first series I was shooting, so it was complicated,” she told TV Mag. “I had a lot of emotions at the same time but I was very determined. I told myself that getting a role in Validé was an opportunity and that I had to seize it (…) It was the moment when I had to show that I have talent, what I know how to do and that I know how to do it better than the others. “

Algerian and Guadeloupean, as the website of the Kub which offers a biography of the young woman of 26 years, Laetita Kerfa is still little known to the general public. “She started rapping in the Keskiya collective, then she continued on her own path. She puts in her raps what is most intimate, without forbidding herself to play different characters and the contradictions that compose her. Over the course of her lyrics, she builds a singular, incisive and burning rap, which draws as much from the trap as from the boom bap ”, he describes. The Facebook account La servante also reports that she grew up in Paris and “has already performed in many places such as the Irruption festival in Belleville or Le Café La Pêche in Montreuil.”.

His flow hits home in particular in this show between rap and theater entitled “Du sale!” :

While Hatik has made a dazzling breakthrough in the industry by surfing on the success of Validé which made her known to the general public, Laetitia Kerfa already announces what she intends to do next: “I will dissociate rap from comedy but I will continue to do both even if I am not the same: there is Laeti the rapper and Laeti the actress, she told TVMag. I want to be able to go everywhere and go from Validated to an auteur film to rap. ”

Validated, the phenomenon

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