Valentin: “If I had known 100% what was happening to me, I would not have competed in Tokyo”

The Spanish weightlifter Lydia Valentín acknowledges that “He would not have competed” in Tokyo 2020 if he had known “100 percent” the extent of his hip injury, confessing that “the passion for feeling that Olympic stage could do it”, at the same time that he ensures that his goal is to recover and do a good job in Paris 2024, his fifth participation in the Olympic Games.

“It is not worth being 80 percent. If I had known 100 percent what is happening to me, I would not have competed in Tokyo. Before infiltrating, I already commented that if they didn’t infiltrate me, I couldn’t compete. Many emotions are mixed, it had been my best Olympic cycle, Maybe if I hadn’t competed and I had been recovering, it would have been better “, expressed Lydia Valentín in an interview with Europa Press after the presentation of the healthiest challenge in Europe by ‘FruitVegetablesEUROPE’.

The Olympic champion in London 2012 admits that in Tokyo “emotion and feeling weighed more than reason.” “I thought: ‘They are my fourth Games, how can I not compete! ‘ I knew that I was not going to make a brand that I am used to and the motivation changes when you find yourself in another scenario. I could have prevented it and possibly now it would be fine. I was overcome by passion for feeling that Olympic stage “, The athlete asserted, aware of her “fighting” attitude. “It has been another type of learning and the goal is to recover 100%, not 80, I want to return as always, not half,” he added.

“A month or so before I go to Tokyo, training in León I infiltrated again and I felt very good training sessions. But once I got to Tokyo, sometimes I couldn’t crouch down and the infiltration lasts as long as it lasts. If they didn’t infiltrate me, I couldn’t compete. I went until the day of the competition, if that day I couldn’t bend down, I wouldn’t go out, I was going to use up all the cartridges. For me, in the end it was done, at the media level it would have been better not to do it, but the most important thing is to be good with yourself, “confessed the four-time European champion in weightlifting.

In the physical aspect, Lydia Valentín recognizes that it has been a very complicated year, so she is convinced that she must recover one hundred percent and you don’t want to force anything at all. “I continue with the recovery process, it took us many weeks to diagnose exactly what was happening to me. The recovery is longer than I thought, until early 2022,” he said.

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“In the short term I am focusing on recovery and physical preparation, until next year I will not start weightlifting training. Since this year I don’t have any competition and the next one is the 2022 World Cup … I’m taking it easy, but it’s hard because I’m a constantly active person. The traumatologist has told me that a natural process must be followed, deadlines cannot be shortened, “lamented the Leonese.


Although for Ponferrada the psychological issue has also been hard, since the pandemic “has disrupted the athlete a bit.” “The most important thing is to be mentally well. I think there are sports that need more mental focus, because you can hurt yourself, it is the case of Simon Biles, who cannot be thinking about anything else, “he admitted.

“It is very important to be clear about it and support yourself in people who add and know that before being an athlete you are people. No matter how much you train, things can happen to people,” he said about the power of mental well-being. Immersed in this recovery process, the athlete does not forget her next great sporting goal: Paris 2024. “There is very little left and that is the goal because I left with a very bad taste in my mouth of Tokyo. The last Games made me appreciate many things and in part they have made me convince myself that I want to be in Paris,” said Valentín.

“I would love to be in Paris and I think it would be great if, afterwards, I raised certain things. I have already achieved it, I have overcome these difficulties and I believe that already, right? “, joked the Spanish weightlifter. “It is true that I have to stop weightlifting training and I have stopped it, I only do recovery and physical preparation. My attitude is to be very fighter, so that is my goal, to recover and continue,” he added.

Finally, Lydia Valentín confesses how she manages to keep her hunger by continuing to win medals. “When you have achieved everything, it is difficult to continue. And it’s like ‘bah, I already have it …’ In the end, when you like what you do, it’s like addictive, you want more, you like it, you get better, it’s like challenging yourself. Trying to be better every day is what creates the flame to keep me going. Then you think a little cold and say ‘oysters, I have to do very extraordinary things’. But in the end things move you or they don’t move you, “he concluded.

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