Valentín Barco is Atlético’s secret target for January

Simeone has never managed to find his left-back in recent years and now Atlético de Madrid have set their sights on Valentín Barco, trusting that this is the solution they have been looking for for years.

Since Filipe Luis left the club a few years ago, Simeone has not found another reliable full-back. The Argentine coach has tried several players in this position, including Lodi, Mario Hermoso, Reinildo, Carrasco, Samu Lino or even Riquelme, but none of them have fully established themselves. Therefore now Atlético de Madrid have their eye on Valentin Barco.

This footballer is a complete unknown to many. So far he has not left Argentine football, having spent his entire short career with Boca Juniors and the lower categories. But even though it doesn’t enjoy much media attention, Atlético de Madrid have been following Valentin Barco for some time.

Atlético really likes Valentin Barco
Valentín Barco will make the leap to Europe in 2024

Valentín Barco, the team Atlético wanted

At 19 years old, Valentín Barco has become one of the most sought-after left-backs today. His good work at Boca Juniors has brought him into contact with some of the best clubs in Europe, where he will arrive very soon. In fact, everything indicates that the jump will occur in 2024, either in January or in the summer.

One of the clubs following in his footsteps is Atlético de Madrid, as the sports management believes that Valentin Barco is the solution to the team’s problems in the left lane. Not just because he has enormous potential as a full-back, but because he has shown that he can also play in more advanced positions.

Simeone wants it yes or yes in 2024

Despite the red and white interest, it won’t be easy to sign him. All the big European teams want him, including current European champions Manchester City. However, Atlético de Madrid has Simeone’s assets, applying pressure to get his commitment. And his figure could be the key to convincing his compatriot.

One way or another, we have no choice but to wait for everything to be sorted out in the coming weeks. And the winter market will be crucial for the future Valentín Barco will end his contract with Boca Juniors in 2024. In this way, the next transfer market could be the perfect opportunity for Atlético de Madrid to acquire the Argentine footballer’s services.

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