Home Sports Valencia’s request to let Marcos André out

Valencia’s request to let Marcos André out

Valencia's request to let Marcos André out

Still looking for the best options to retry promotion to the first division, Elche have recently expressed interest in loaning out Valencia striker Marcos André, at odds with the Mestalla team’s idea of ​​the for his part, he just wants to get to the attacker through a transfer and start improving his economic situation.

Moose looks in Marcos Andre a possible reinforcement for his offensive line for the 2023/2024 season, which has just started, is on the table Valencia a transfer offer with the possibility of making a purchase effective if they manage to move up in the category. This would make it possible moose Evaluate the player’s performance on their team and make an informed decision about their permanent employment, but it doesn’t seem like that’s enough to convince the team he leads Reuben Baraja.

upcoming departure

The outcome of this situation depends on the ability of both parties to reach an agreement that suits their interests, and negotiations can focus on finding an intermediate point that makes this possible moose Get the arrival of a Marcos Andre which cost 8.5 million euros at the time and is a foot and a half outside the building Valencia after playing 54 games in which he recorded four goals and three assists.

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