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Valencianism calls for the resignation of Solís and Corona due to the Rafa Mir case

The die-hard fans of the black and white club are quite upset about the terrible job done by the sporting director and his assistant. The matter with the Cartagena striker was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Even the most optimistic believe that Valencia CF will be the protagonist of another bankruptcy thanks to the terrible management of Miguel Ángel Corona and Javier Solís. Those responsible for sports management in the Che team were only able to sign a new signing (Peter Federico) from the Madridista team. But without a doubt, Rafa Mir was the one fans expected the most.

The operation between the Cartagena striker and Valencia CF was followed by fans not only during the winter market, but many months ago. You could almost say that since the beginning of the current season. But Meriton Holdings through its assistants (including Corona and Solís) They wasted their time with empty offers.

EGD Valencia
Valencianismo accuses Miguel Ángel Corona of being Peter Lim’s accomplice in not signing Rafa Mir.

Valencia fans learned about Corona and Solís’ dirty plan, orchestrated by Peter Lim

When the majority of black and white fans enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of the attacker from Murcia, the directives under Peter Lim knew they had to act. The correct way and the one that Valencianismo expected is that there would have been an agreement whereby Sevilla FC would have accepted the terms. But Meriton’s owner instructed his assistants not to make offers that involved immediate money.

It was later learned that Corona and Solís only delayed the operation until the last day of the market came and the Nervión club accepted ridiculous conditions. But the strategy didn’t work for them. and Victor Orta himself made Lim’s true intentions known. and its organization. It seemed like they were trying to sign Rafa Mir when in reality they didn’t want to bring him to Mestalla.

If Corona, Solís and Peter Lim continue at Valencia CF, it will be difficult for Rafa Mir to end up at Mestalla

Despite having more chances of success in the summer window, Valencianismo is under no illusions about signing the Cartagena strikerwhile the Singaporean tycoon remains in power. If the Asian has done it before, he will do it again and again. This means that in the next market he will again express false interest in the attacker.

Valencia CF fans are clinging to the idea that Peter Lim is the worst thing that could have happened to the team. Likewise, they believe that he is the problem and that the club will not sign good players as long as he remains in power. So Rubén Baraja remains the desire to direct Rafa Mir, and the striker from Murcia still has to endure half a season at Sevilla.

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