Valencia rules out paying a million for Shannon Evans

Valencia rules out paying a million for Shannon Evans

Valencia is looking for a point guard in the market and they like Shannon Evans. Both are obvious. Jared Harper’s recent injury coupled with Chris Jones’ physical problems They have made the rectors of the Taronja club change their minds, who did not make a move on the market (they recovered Ferrando from Melilla) after Van Rossom’s injury. And that Evans is one of the most important game directors in the Endesa League It is also a drawer: it is the second in the valuation chapter (21.3) after precisely Jasiel Rivero. His statistics are brilliant: an average of 21 points scored per game; 5.4 assists; and 1.7 recoveries per game this season.

The name is on the table from the office of the Taronja leaders. But from there until its incorporation is made there is a world. In fact, in Valencia Basket they flatly rule out that they are going to disburse the million euros that appears in the termination clause, as ensured in the Betis environment. Neither by Evans nor by any other player who comes to fulfill the role of base in Álex Mumbrú’s squad, the Valencian club will disburse that amount of money.

Another thing is that Betis is interested in negotiating for a smaller amount and getting a slice of getting rid of the point guard. Then, Valencia could go after one of the players they like the most, although it is not the only one. In the sports direction They have several names that could land in La Fonteta And at this time, what would be the ideal sporting and economically speaking is being analyzed. One of the premises is that it gives immediate performance. The idea is to continue resting Chris Jones, and with Harper out for a month and Hermannsson and Van Rossom with no return date, the arrival of a point guard is becoming urgent.


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