Valencia goes into a tailspin

Valencia accumulates five straight losses. Worse still are the sensations. the orange team has gone from winning on pitches like Efes or Olympiakos to go into a black hole. Unicaja took the game due to its regularity. He took advantage of a soft first half of Valencia to leave on the scoreboard with a great kalinoski (+29 in the plus/minus); endured the local arreón in the third act; Y crushed the taronja indolence (only 10 points) in the final round with a Carter who sentenced from the perimeter. This time the choral team was the Unicaja. His 12 men scored points. All joined in pursuit of a victory of a group of Ibon Navarro that paints very well, after changing almost the entire team this summer.

On the contrary, the season falls apart. From the club of the ‘Culture of Effort’ you usually have patiencewith a coach and players, but the current situation requires a reaction in the offices. Of the signings, just Jones and a little WebbThey are demonstrating the reason for their signings. about radebaugha player that the club paid for his departure from Tenerife, is inadmissible; Alexander is invisible; Y Harpersindolent and ill-advised, He is the first player in a long time to take whistles from his fans two months after arriving. This plus the unfortunate state of form for Prepelic and Pradilla and Van Rossom’s injury… Mumbrú barely has anyone to hold on to. And at the moment, he does not paint that there will be imminent changes.

Valencia and Unicaja started the duel erratic in the shot and with too many losses (especially the taronjas). Alberto Díaz was Jones’ blotter, which forced the rest to reinvent themselves in their role. He was a duel locked although Rivero’s entry changed the face of Valencia a bit. A basket on the verge of possession and an assist from the Cuban to López-Arostegui made it 13-10 for the locals. Osetkowski closed the first quarter (15-14).

Kalinoski scored the first five points of the second quarter. In these first two plays he showed what would come next. A Intense Unicaja erased Valencia from the track who conceded very easy shots and baskets. In attack he maintained the López-Arostegui type but behind Valencia was a flan. Until Kalinoski hit four triples in the second room. Unicaja settled in the +15s, when the first whistles began to appear in La Fonteta. The last of the triples from the Unicaja forward put a very worrying 28-43. Valencia had not made a single foul in this period, sign of taronja defensive softness. At this moment, after Mumbrú’s anger, he pressed something back, knowing that the game was going away. With this, plus Arostegui’s caste and Jones’ free kicks, they reduced the gap before the break (36-45).

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mumbrú accused his players of even “play walking” in Movistar microphones. And at least initially the taronjas put a little more energy on the field. Only with that and Dubljevic’s hits from 6.75 (three), they filed the rent until they had several shots to get ahead. Unicaja, for the first time in the game, felt somewhat overwhelmed. With 54-56, a dubious foul on López-Arostegui cost him the technique and the elimination. There the comeback stopped at the root and in the exchange of free kicks, with Harper again disrupting his teamthe people from Malaga had another breather (57-61), with a quarter to play.

But once again Valencia arrived at the final act without energy and with a point guard at the controls that gives a feeling of anything but what your team needs. Thus, more than three minutes without scoring they left those of Mumbrú almost without optionswhen Jones and Dubljevic appeared on the court. Three triples by Carter, another featherweight, like Harper, who does score, broke the game and scored the sixth victory. Valencia goes into a tailspin and reaches a point where just participating in the Cup starts to get very difficult.

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