Valencia does not give up and keeps the pulse of Gran Canaria

Valencia Basket also wants the lead in the Eurocup group stage. The taronja team has insisted on fighting Gran Canaria for first place and to achieve its goal, it plans to go over whoever it is. On this occasion, Valencia Basket reacted in time to knock down Umana Reyer Venezia (86-80). With suffering, the team from Peñarroya equaled the number of victories of Gran Canaria and with three games remaining in the regular season, first place is still up in the air.

Valencia Basket, after playing three games in five days, was proud to equalize a game that was very difficult for them. The local team seemed asleep until he woke up in the decisive stretch. As always, Dubljevic reigned in his fetish competition and finished with a PIR of 23 points. Only in the final stretch, Valencia Basket was able to outshine Jordan Theodore, who finished with a PIR of 28 and 25 points.

Valencia Basket entered the game cold. And that his city is in full boil for the Fallas. Inside La Fonteta, the party, in the first few minutes, went to Venezia. The Italian team, led by Theodore and Bramos, gave Valencia the first warning. Between them, they closed the first quarter with 17 points. In addition, Venezia sent due to its success in the line of three and the defensive fragility of the taronja team. Just before the first quarter, Stone put up the first big difference of the match (11-22).

The second quarter started with the reaction of Valencia Basket. Prepelic and Pradilla lit the fuse for La Fonteta. The exterior success of the Slovenian and the courage of the center revolutionized the match. Peñarroya’s team went from losing 13 points to getting fully into the fight (28-31). A partial of 10-2 and the fact of closing the rebound gave wings to the Valencians. Even so, it was time to keep rowing because Venezia went into the break with a lead of five points (37-42).

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Definitely, Valencia Basket took the pulse of the match in the third quarter. A pat by Tobey, reviewed by the referees, equalized the duel before the decisive stretch. If the taronja did not put land in between, it was because of Theodore’s exhibition, who continued to his own and surpassed twenty points. Little by little, Peñarroya’s team found the formula to hit the Italian defense. Step by step, it was cutting points thanks to the collective effort. The Valencian acceleration was led by Rivero under the hoops.

With the game tied, Valencia Basket gave the game another push. For the first time, a triple by Tobey served to put the locals ahead (67-64). It was a mirage because Venezia equalized early. However, the game didn’t break until Echodas drew a technical foul and Hermannson took advantage of it to hit two deadly 3-pointers. Dubljevic, with a great defense and a good basket, sentenced the game.

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