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Valencia CF The striker who will keep Rafa Mir away from Valencia CF forever Andrés Guzmán – December 5, 2023 – 09:30 am

The Ché Club insists on the Murcian’s arrival, but there will be an unexpected change of plans

Valencia CF is not giving up on its idea of ​​signing a guaranteed striker and is planning the arrival of Rafa Mir. For several markets, the Mestalla players have been following the Sevilla FC footballer, who is going through a difficult time in Nervión. Those from Baraja need a goalscorer, but the plan with the Cartagena player has changed.

Let’s remember this Valencia CF considers Rafa Mir option, because he is a player from the city and knows the club well, having been there as a striker in its early days. For this reason, it was on the club’s radar, although it was not easy to close due to the obstacles that Sánchez Pizjuán’s players put up.

Valencia Rafa Mir
Those from Mestalla have doubts about the signing of Rafa Mir: Baraja has found its goalscorer

Although Valencia CF are still considering signing Rafa Mir, there is one striker who makes the move seem doubtful

In this way, it was established that although there is an option to sign the attacker from Murciano, there is a striker that distances him from the Ché environment. This season, which was a highlight for the Mestalla club, There is a player who really shines on the attacking front and is the coach’s trusted man on the offensive end..

In this order of ideas, It is none other than Hugo Duro, the player who changes Valencia CF’s plans with Rafa Mir. The black and white have met a goal solution in the squad with an element that has scored 7 goals in 15 LaLiga EA Sports games.

Hugo Duro is the Ché club’s top scorer and a trustworthy man for Rubén Baraja

In addition to Getafense’s good form this season, Peter Lim is pleased that he does not have to make an investment for a footballer in January. The 24-year-old striker’s records are worth highlightingwhere he achieved his best performance in the first division: 7 goals in 30 games on 21/22.

He also topped Valencia CF’s number of goalscorers last season. Justin Kluivert and Samu Lino scored 6 goals and Hugo Duro has already surpassed this mark. Thus, the striker, whom Baraja trusted, was involved in 53% of the club’s goals.. With his notes it will no longer be necessary to push forward the signing of Rafa Mir. We have to wait and see what can happen in this regard.

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