Valencia CF Rubén Baraja is close to sacking for challenging Peter Lim Wilmer Ayala – January 31, 2024 – 7:30 p.m

El Pipo can’t take it anymore and explodes against the administrative leadership of the Che team, led by the ever-controversial Singaporean businessman. We are on the verge of a layoff or resignation.

Peter Lim’s administration continues to show that it is one of the worst in the history of Valencia CF, which is on the verge of signing the sacking of Rubén Baraja. This action will not be carried out due, among other things, to the level shown by the coach from Valladolid He achieved a lot with the small and limited staff with which it counts.

The main reason the Asian tycoon is considering signing Baraja’s release is because the coach challenged him. However, Pipo does this for the sporting benefit of the team, because it goes without saying that the Singaporean thinks first about money and not about the Che club and its loyal fans.

EGD Valencia
Rubén Baraja signed for Valencia in the hope that Meriton Holdings would get him the signings he needed.

Peter Lim signed Gabriel Paulista’s dismissal and Baraja was offended

The Castilian-Leon coach had received a series of instructions regarding the call-up of defender Gabriel Paulista. The Brazilian’s contract included an automatic extension clause in case he played multiple games. Specifically, the Center had to add more than 45 minutes to 20 commitments for the paragraph to be valid.

In this case, the Rio defender would have a contract until 2025 with the same salary, i.e. 5 million euros. For this reason, the owner of Valencia CF awarded the contract to Rubén Baraja that would no longer place the player as auto-extension could be activated. However, the coach ignored him and continued to call up the footballer, which is why the decision was made to release the former Arsenal player.

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Baraja will not sign the dismissal, but rather a resignation

There are people who claim that the Valladolid coach’s departure from the black and white team is imminent. But it won’t be Peter Lim’s work, but Pipo’s own decision. The coach’s patience is reaching its limits and he is tired of players being taken away from him and not bringing in the signings he demanded to achieve his goals.

Rubén Baraja will first sign his resignation before being released as he does not want to be complicit in a failure that could lead to the club’s relegation. Of course, Valencia CF are closer to the European places than relegation at the moment. Although it is clear that the great work of the Castile-Leonese coach made this gift possible.

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