Home Sports Valencia CF proposes barter to Atlético for Rodrigo de Paul

Valencia CF proposes barter to Atlético for Rodrigo de Paul

The Argentine has all the ballots not to continue in the mattress box

Two summers ago, the Atletico Madrid decided to pay 35 million euros for the signing of Rodrigo DePaul. The Argentine midfielder had just been proclaimed champion of the Copa América, where he played an essential role, in addition to having completed a great season with Udinese. However, since his arrival at the mattress team, his level has never been up to par of expectations.

So much so that this season, between the Santander League and the Champions League, has played less than half of the minutes possible. Partly due to the punishment he imposed Simeone on the last league matchday. A punishment caused by the player himself, who asked for days off for personal matters and was caught at some awards in Miami.

Samuel Lino
Samuel Lino faces Marcos Llorente

De Paul cannot continue at Atlético de Madrid

Despite the fact that the footballer is no longer punished by the coach, everything seems to indicate that his options at Atlético de Madrid have come to an end. And it is that there is even the possibility that the footballer ends up leaving transferred during the winter market. A market in which he will be placed as transferable.

Likewise, we already know which team could be interested in taking over their services. Atlético de Madrid will try by all means to achieve a price similar to the 35 million euros it cost in its day. By level there is no doubt that it is still worth it. However, as the market is, with this bad behavior, it is most likely that it will end up leaving for much less money than it is worth.

Valencia CF proposes a solution to Rodrigo de Paul

One of the teams that is going through the worst moment is Liverpool. The red team is in ninth position in the Premier League, with the center of the field being one of the positions that most worries about injuries. That is why, except for surprise, they will look for some kind of solution during the winter market.

However, Rodrigo de Paul could also have the doors of the Valencia CF. Gattuso wants him in his ranks and they are aware in the Ché team that the possibility of Samuel Lino returning to the Metropolitano is gaining strength. He could even go ahead to the very month of January to be able to include him in a kind of pact with the Argentine midfielder. Time will tell what ends up happening with a De Paul who will go with Argentina to the World Cup in Qatar.

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